Do You Fit The Ideal Client Profile?


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D. is quite candid about who her clients are and who they are not. Interestingly, if you’re the type of person who is likes tangible results, then you’ll appreciate working with Andrea, because she relates to the focused clients who eagerly respond to, “so what are we going to work […]

The Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Psychologist

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In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., talks about when it’s appropriate for an organization — or individual — to hire a business psychologist vs. a business coach.

It’s All About the Relationship….


Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D. shares insight into what makes a psychologist successful. Whether working with individuals, families, businesses or organizations — while process is important — it always comes down to the relationship. It’s important to have a genuine relationship based on empathy and compassion.

An Overview of What’s in it for You


Here, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., shares how her work benefits individuals and businesses — including, saving people and businesses money.

Could Workplace Conflict be Holding Your Business Back?


For 90% or more of Andrea Delligatti’s clients, her professional mediation and conflict resolution services add dollars directly to the bottom line. Watch this video to learn how. Second on Website

What’s Your Workplace EQ?


EQ, or Emotional Intelligence is a requirement for organizations of the 21st century. When you proactively work on EQ in your organization — you will transform your employees, your organization and ultimately the business — to exceed all expectations.

Precise Assessments Yield Laser Focused Solutions


The quicker you can get to the true cause of the problem, the more money you save, but also the more money you earn — because you, or your organization is running at peak performance.

How to Create Lasting Change


Click to find out the secret to creating lasting change, personally or within an organization. Two hints: Work a process, and embrace optimism within the context of reality.

Do No Harm — What You Need to Know


When you work with a licensed psychologist, you are guaranteed a level of professionalism that comes with the license. Watch to learn why it’s smarter and safer to hire a licensed psychologist to coach you or your organization’s employees.

Difficult Employees? How to Solve Interpersonal Challenges


In business mediation, there are no established best practices. So, to ensure you get the results you need, work with a business psychologist with the expertise to apply existing intervention models in innovative ways to benefit your organization.

How to Accomplish Effective Change


Andrea Delligatti began her professional career as as psychologist in the military. Why is this important for her business clients today? Click on the video to watch. It definitely sets her apart when it comes to measurable results.

Building Organizational Strength


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., talks about winning an award for building organizational strength.

Foundations of Organizational Success


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., discusses how the military paved the way for modern organizational development — and what this means for your company.