Seeing From Many Perspectives


Having worked in a variety of fields, from financial services to manufacturing, Angela attacks devising growth strategies from all angles.

The Building Blocks of Success


  During a Green Roots Discovery Day, Angela and her team work with you to define the building blocks that come together that make your small business successful.  When she coaches her clients she keeps it fun and entertaining because if clients are engaged, generating ideas is like solving a puzzle.

Focusing on the “How” Manifests the Why


Angela trains her clients (and raises her kids) the same way she was brought up: by cultivating a curiosity for learning from the world around them.

Entrepreneurial Upbringing


Her rich and diverse life experiences, starting in childhood, allow Angela to attack a problem, or marketing program, from a unique angle.

Training the Brain


Whether touring a factory floor or examining a marketing strategy, Angela likes taking a look behind the scenes.  She’s learned that analyzing how things are made often reveals how ideas are born.

Sharpening the Message


Angela believes the key to communications is to keep it simple.

Inspiration from Above


Great ideas and inspiration don’t just rain down from the sky. Or do they???

Growth Starts at the Roots


Angela teaches an inspiring, cost-effective approach for reaching new markets and new customers.

Workshops that Deliver Results


Clients attending a workshop with Angela leave with actionable items they’re able to implement. Often it’s as simple as tweaking a client’s pitch to help them get to “yes”.

Learning by Doing


The Montessori method of learning by doing is the one Angela prefers for her kids and for her clients.