Training the Brain

Whether touring a factory floor or examining a marketing strategy, Angela likes taking a look behind the scenes.  She’s learned that analyzing how things are made often reveals how ideas are born.

Angela Thell
President & CEO Green Roots Marketing
Cell Phone: 610-202-3943 Website: Green Roots Business Solutions Website Website: Talk Show Connections Page
Angela grew up in her parents’ construction business, and with this entrepreneurial spirit founded Green Roots Marketing in 2006. Angela began her career at Audi AG headquarters in Ingolstadt Germany in 1990, and spent the next decade assisting other German firms to expand their domestic and global reach in the IT, consulting and transportation sectors.  Angela holds a B.A. in International Business and German and a Marketing M.B.A. She also earned her NASD Series 6 and 7 licenses for financial services.  For more details see
Categories: Marketing Consultants, Process Improvement Consultants
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