Mugshots Coffeehouse and the Importance of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Mugshots Coffeehouse is a founding B-Corp member, practicing the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Watch Mugshots’ Founder, Angela Vendetti talk about what they do to be a sustainable business.

Angela Vendetti
Owner & Founder Mugshots Coffeehouse
Home 1925 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia PA 19130
Work Phone: 267.514.7145 Website: Mugshots Coffeehouse Blog: Talk Show Connections Channel Website: Instagram

Angela Vendetti founded Mugshots Coffeehouse in 2004. A founding B-Corp member company, Mugshots is the Art Museum Area’s Original Coffeehouse. Angie also consults to established and start-up, cafés and quick-service restaurants to maximize profitability and sustainability. She provides free initial operational and financial audits to identify areas for cost savings and increased efficiency.

Please feel free to contact Angie directly for more information.

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