Tax Accounting & Results


Melissa talks about the tax accounting experience she acquired prior to founding Miles Financial. She brings this experience to her clients today, to get results.

Teaching Starts Early


Although Melissa might not ever want her brother to find this video, it’s a heartfelt story of Melissa commitment to teaching, sharing and helping others.

Free Car Wash Offer


Learn how giving a real estate referral can earn you a free car wash from the local White Glove Car Wash.

Having Fun


Learn what Laura likes to do for fun and some fun social opportunities that can be found working with her.

Smile When You Say That!


Kevin’s philosophy of valuing fun over fancy is the basis for his success. It’s also inspired a terrifically taxing tongue twister!

Calling All Purple People!


Kevin describes a unique employment offer.

Party Like You’re Getting Paid


Kevin and the Purple Picnic People take care of everything for your party, so you can simply enjoy yourself.

From Brown Bag to Putting Green


Kevin’s successful career in hospitality has taken him from a summer job in a restaurant to managing the food and beverage needs of a world-class golf course.

A Sandwich and a Snooze


Kevin recalls how back-breaking labor at the age of 14 helped set him on the right path.

Getting To Know Guy Personally — About Guy’s Wife


Learn about Guy’s wife and hear why they work as a couple.

Get Guy’s Book


Get a free autographed copy of any one of Guy’s books — by referring a new customer — or by being a new customer.

Talking with Strangers


Heidi talks about how people bond with her.

Crystals and Incense


Heidi talks about being down to earth and why she doesn’t dance in a circle with crystals and incense.

Down to Earth


Learn a little about Heidi’s upbringing and the types of food that she enjoys.

Overcoming Fear


Heidi talks about how she has made fear into fun in her life.



Learn what techniques Heidi has used to help her stop procrastinating.



Heidi talks about the things that cause us to feel compassion and also how the ability to feel compassion for others is an important character trait for someone who is doing the therapeutic work that she does.

Simple and Inexpensive Advice


Vince gives advice that can help clients protect their children if something happens to them.

Inspiring Employees


Jeff Middleton shares one of his secrets to keeping his team of employees motivated and inspired.

Favorite Places for Chinese Food


If you know Jeff Middleton, you know that he used to live in China. In this brief clip, Jeff shares his two favorite places in Philly for Chinese food.

Playing Jazz Guitar


On a more personal note, Jeff Middleton shares how he first learned to be patient.

Creating Entertainment


Learn about Patty’s childhood and the creative ways that she and her siblings would play.

Resolving Issues with the Help of Preferred Service Providers


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate. In this extended clip, she also offers access to her list of tried and true service providers to help build your home team.

A $125 Offer


Patty offers a free one-hour in-home staging consultation which is a value of $125 dollars.

Attention to Detail and Creativity


Patty discloses some of the various ways that creativity and attention to detail play into the business of real estate.

Artistic Interests


Learn what Patty likes to paint, and how the rules of composition can help guide artists in their efforts to create a good piece of artwork.

Why Vince Decided to Become An Attorney


Sometimes, you know what you’re meant to be from when you’re in elementary school. Vince started “practicing” law at a young age. His creativity then carries over to the creative solutions he provides to clients today.

Free Living Will Offer


As a follow up to the clip on “Simple and Inexpensive Advice,” Learn how to get a free living will and power of attorney.

“I Become Personally Embarrassed”


Find out what personally embarrasses Vince — and why it’s a benefit to you.

The Importance of History


As a history buff, Vince has some favorite eras in U.S. history. It’s a personal passion that is tied to his community service and also gives him an appreciation for researching legal precedents.

Do You Need a Lawyer?


There are times when clients don’t need an attorney and Vince talks about how his firm helps in those times.

Baseball and the Subtle Details


Vince talks about his passion, Baseball, and what makes him interested in the sport. He also talks about how his appreciation for baseball translates to what makes him good at what he does.

Stories from Childhood


Vince talks about what he liked to do in his Cub Scout days.

It All Adds Up


One of Joan’s favorite examples of how learning to adjust one’s own priorities is often its own reward. By focusing on simple wasy to reduce your daily expenses, it might just add up to a new vacation.



Joan’s most fundamental advice on achieving happiness.

Man’s Search For Meaning


Joan’s favorite book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” is a story about hope and future. Here she also talks about not living in the past, and making new history instead.



Some of Joan’s best advice is available free at her Web site. Click here to see some of the available information and services.

Free Tattoo


Learn how to get a free Alex’s Lemonade tattoo.

Raising Awareness


Steve talks about raising awareness through lemonade stands.

Exceeding Client Expectations


Steve talks about how he pushes the boundaries in both his personal life and his professional life. To have fun and to exceed client expectations.

Working with Kid’s Clothing Choices


Steve gives a little advice to parents about children’s fashion.

Big Brother Steve


Steve talks about his time with the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Workshops that Deliver Results


Clients attending a workshop with Angela leave with actionable items they’re able to implement. Often it’s as simple as tweaking a client’s pitch to help them get to “yes”.

Learning by Doing


The Montessori method of learning by doing is the one Angela prefers for her kids and for her clients.

A Short Demonstration of EFT


Heidi demonstrates how her techniques can overcome the fear of making sales phone calls to prospective customers. Note that this is a shorter version of the clip “A Demonstration of EFT.”

Feeling Worthy


Heidi talks about what helped her to finally feel worthy of the things in her life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques


Listen as Heidi talks about Emotional Freedom Techniques and how they work.

How EFT Works As Business Success Coaching


Heidi talks about her practice’s shift toward EFT and how it has helped her clients.

Therapeutic Techniques


Heidi discusses several of the different therapeutic techniques she uses for her clients and how each one works.

Inspired in Asia


Heidi talks about living in Asia and how it inspired her current career path.

Course to Coaching


Learn about the path that Heidi took to reach her current career.

Dinner and a Movie


Learn how you can earn a dinner and movie package from Guy.

Did She Say Teepee???


When Joan was growing up, her family often went camping for vacation — which also saved them money. Today, Joan still loves to go camping, but she’s graduated from a tent to a teepee!

How to Create Your Own Signature Recipe


It’s Kevin’s secret recipe for creating your own family tradition.

Offer: Expert Advice


Download a free party planning guide today and get started planning your next get-together the Purple People way.

Sibling Revelry


All but one of Kevin’s siblings lives locally, so they’re always planning and throwing parties for each other. All nine of them.

Mild-Mannered Kevin Bruton or…Souperman?


Early in his career Kevin leapt into action and walked off with a rather unique prize at a community soup cook-off.

Boys Will Be Boys (So Hide Your Keys)


A memorable story from Kevin’s childhood sheds more light on what a unique adventure it is being part of such a large family.

Managing Unmet Client Expectations


Steve shares a story about how he responded to an unhappy client…

Treating the Journey as Destination


What would Phil Over do if he won the lottery the tomorrow? He’d keep on working! Phil explains how his life shapes his work and vice versa—all to the benefit of his clients.

Evolution of an Artist


Having received his first camera at the age of five, and an SLR model at 8, Phil had mastered “old school” photography while still in grade school. And when digital came along Phil didn’t dither.

Creative Vision: Seeing Life Beyond the Lens


Phil’s success in the visual medium of photography has allowed him to not only visualize a path for himself, but also for his clients.

Beyond the Comfort Zone


It’s New Phil vs Old Phil as Phil describes his 180 degree transformation from high school to college and how that shaped the man he is today.

Phil on life’s “Links”


According to Phil, when your palms are facing each other, they’re working together. And that’s much more than just a hot tip on a golf grip.