How to Create Lasting Change


Click to find out the secret to creating lasting change, personally or within an organization. Two hints: Work a process, and embrace optimism within the context of reality.

Difficult Employees? How to Solve Interpersonal Challenges


In business mediation, there are no established best practices. So, to ensure you get the results you need, work with a business psychologist with the expertise to apply existing intervention models in innovative ways to benefit your organization.

Foundations of Organizational Success


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., discusses how the military paved the way for modern organizational development — and what this means for your company.

Technology is Fashionable


In this fun and lighthearted video, Jo shares some “geeky” secrets about herself, her fashion, her technology and her clients.

Solutions and Boundaries


In this video, Jo talks about how she is able to find solutions that are pracitcal — while keeping in mind the boundaries, or lines, that can’t be crossed.

Every Client is Unique


Jo talks about how her own experience as a business owner and how it helps her to appreciate and and anticipate their needs.

Start with the End in Mind


Melissa shares her love of reverse engineering everything — from recipes to business processes.

Teaching Starts Early


Although Melissa might not ever want her brother to find this video, it’s a heartfelt story of Melissa commitment to teaching, sharing and helping others.

The Cunningham Children


Patty talks about her children and also shares a bit about her son flying a Chinook helicopter for the Army.  Part of Patty’s business is to work with military families through USAA referrals.

Making Real Estate Fun


Patty talks about respect for her clients, how she makes buying and selling real estate a fun experience and the importance of contacts for real estate transactions.

Having Fun


Learn what Laura likes to do for fun and some fun social opportunities that can be found working with her.

Calling All Purple People!


Kevin describes a unique employment offer.

Party Like You’re Getting Paid


Kevin and the Purple Picnic People take care of everything for your party, so you can simply enjoy yourself.

Cooking Up a Rewarding Career


Kevin’s home-spun advice is the perfect recipe for mixing business with pleasure.

From Brown Bag to Putting Green


Kevin’s successful career in hospitality has taken him from a summer job in a restaurant to managing the food and beverage needs of a world-class golf course.

The Building Blocks of Success


  During a Green Roots Discovery Day, Angela and her team work with you to define the building blocks that come together that make your small business successful.  When she coaches her clients she keeps it fun and entertaining because if clients are engaged, generating ideas is like solving a puzzle.

Training the Brain


Whether touring a factory floor or examining a marketing strategy, Angela likes taking a look behind the scenes.  She’s learned that analyzing how things are made often reveals how ideas are born.

Focusing on the “How” Manifests the Why


Angela trains her clients (and raises her kids) the same way she was brought up: by cultivating a curiosity for learning from the world around them.

Getting To Know Guy More Personally — About Guy’s Kids


Guy talks about his four children, and what makes each of them stand out.

Guy’s First Book Collaboration


Hear Guy discuss his first book collaboration and  what that book is about.  Since then, Guy has published 2 additional books, one is a self-help tech book, “Maybe You Can Do It Yourself — Quick Computer Fixes for the Non Geek” and the other shares one of Guy’s key areas of expertise: “Networking for Business.”

Talking with Strangers


Heidi talks about how people bond with her.

Down to Earth


Learn a little about Heidi’s upbringing and the types of food that she enjoys.

Making Fear Fun


Heidi talks about how she helps clients transform fear into fun.

Natural Abilities


Hear some of the natural abilities that Heidi has and how they help her in her work.



Learn what techniques Heidi has used to help her stop procrastinating.



Heidi talks about the things that cause us to feel compassion and also how the ability to feel compassion for others is an important character trait for someone who is doing the therapeutic work that she does.



Heidi speaks about her clientele and the types of people that request her services.

Simple and Inexpensive Advice


Vince gives advice that can help clients protect their children if something happens to them.

If You’re Thinking About Hiring LANTIUM…


Watch this video for a special offer for new customers.

Helping Someone by Being Present with Them


Dr. Georgia learned early in life that being present with others, and really listening, could help them get unstuck.

A Business Model for Client Success


Jeff Middleton talks about how providing information technology services as managed services saves companies money and keeps them continually updated with current technologies.

Spicy Food & Air Conditioning


Get to know Jeff a bit more personally in this video — as he shares his appreciation for food and festivities.

International Interests


For those of you who would like to know a few things about Jeff that only his friends know (until now), watch this video to hear about some of Jeff’s international interests.

The Tax Appeal Process


Patty offers a free one hour consultation on the tax appeal process.

Healing Art Works

Cunningham_Patty_2011-05-13_DEPENDABILITY_ Healing_03MM

Before she was a realtor, Patty helped a friend establish a non-profit organization called Healing Art Works. The program is now operational at several area hospitals and is an example of the commitment that Patty’s clients receive.

Creatively Staging Homes


Patty discusses the importance of staging homes creatively and how it can help potential buyers feel comfortable.

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize


When Patty was younger, she tenaciously saved dimes for a guitar. It took two years, but it was well worth it.

Free Living Will Offer


As a follow up to the clip on “Simple and Inexpensive Advice,” Learn how to get a free living will and power of attorney.

“I Become Personally Embarrassed”


Find out what personally embarrasses Vince — and why it’s a benefit to you.

Giving Back


Vince talks about serving on the board of directors of the Chester County Solid Waste Authority.

The Importance of History


As a history buff, Vince has some favorite eras in U.S. history. It’s a personal passion that is tied to his community service and also gives him an appreciation for researching legal precedents.

Do You Need a Lawyer?


There are times when clients don’t need an attorney and Vince talks about how his firm helps in those times.

Legal Presentation Offer


Learn how your community group or non-profit organization can receive a free one-hour talk, free of charge.

The Strategy is in the Details


Vince talks about how his focus on subtle details benefits his clients’ contract negotiations.

Growing a Successful Law Firm


Vince talks about what it takes to grow a successful law firm.

Baseball and the Subtle Details


Vince talks about his passion, Baseball, and what makes him interested in the sport. He also talks about how his appreciation for baseball translates to what makes him good at what he does.

Happiness: A Matter of Perspective


From Joan Reading’s vantage point happiness is a matter of focus. And the bluebird of happiness? A humble pigeon.

Words of Encouragement


Simple marching orders for moving toward a brighter tomorrow.

Diverse Background


Joan’s experience as a social worker has broadened her ability to see others for who they are beyond their balance sheets.

Wants vs Needs


For Joan it’s family and her ability to help others that add up to a rich life. And she keeps a calculator nearby, just in case.

Having Fun with Family


Steve talks a little more about how he has fun, what his family thinks of it and shares a bit of advice.

Not Your Typical Accountants


Miles Financial Management clients will tell you that Melissa and Jo bring a level of sophistication to their clients — that reflects the depth of their experience.

Motherhood — The Best Teacher


From teaching as a professor of accounting to explaining concept to clients, Jo shares how the motherhood experience taught her how to teach.

We’re All In This Together


Melissa talk about how she is sensitive to the needs of the employees who work for her client companies — as well as the other advisors who support her clients.

Contributing to the Community


Melissa is committed to serving her community and non-profit organizations with her expertise in accounting

Workshops that Deliver Results


Clients attending a workshop with Angela leave with actionable items they’re able to implement. Often it’s as simple as tweaking a client’s pitch to help them get to “yes”.

Sharpening the Message


Angela believes the key to communications is to keep it simple.

Growth Starts at the Roots


Angela teaches an inspiring, cost-effective approach for reaching new markets and new customers.

Entrepreneurial Upbringing


Her rich and diverse life experiences, starting in childhood, allow Angela to attack a problem, or marketing program, from a unique angle.

Seeing From Many Perspectives


Having worked in a variety of fields, from financial services to manufacturing, Angela attacks devising growth strategies from all angles.

Inspiration from Above


Great ideas and inspiration don’t just rain down from the sky. Or do they???

A Short Demonstration of EFT


Heidi demonstrates how her techniques can overcome the fear of making sales phone calls to prospective customers. Note that this is a shorter version of the clip “A Demonstration of EFT.”

A Demonstration of EFT


Heidi explains how Emotional Freedom Technique, or “EFT” works and demonstrates how it can help clients overcome the fear of call marketing.

Pain Relief


Hear how Heidi relieves physical pain through EFT.

How EFT Works As Business Success Coaching


Heidi talks about her practice’s shift toward EFT and how it has helped her clients.

Course to Coaching


Learn about the path that Heidi took to reach her current career.

Dr. Georgia’s Personal Story


When Dr. Georgia was fourteen years old, she was sent away to boarding school. She wasn’t looking forward to it. But from this experience, she learned the foundations of kindness, community and how to treat others (and one’s self) well. This turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. […]

Living a Life of Wellness


Wellness has always been very important to Cheryl. And it’s the reason why her work helps others to stay well — through education and appropriate access to care.

Why Is It That Geeks Like Sci-Fi


Guy talks about his favorite TV shows, and what makes them entertaining.

Dinner and a Movie


Learn how you can earn a dinner and movie package from Guy.

Changing the Parameters


Learn how Guy used a moment from Star Trek to help solve a customer’s problem.

Offers for Businesses and Residents


Guy makes a special offer to both business customers and residential customers.  This offer applies to New Philadelphia Area Business customers and all new residential customers.

Juggling Clients


Guy reveals his secret to helping multiple customers that are in need of his services at the same time.

Harnessing your Dreams


Joan looks to one of history’s great men, Martin Luther King Jr., for help in guiding clients to their goals.

The Choice is Yours


So many textures, spices, sauces and at least ten different kinds of cookies to choose from! Kevin’s clients have an almost unbelievable pallet of options at their disposal.

Loyalty’s a Two Way Street


Kevin’s pride in his close-knit work force is evident. At Purple Picnic People a ten year tenure is par for the course.

30+ Years and Counting


When you’ve been in business over 30 years you learn a thing or two about how to treat your employees.

Managing Unmet Client Expectations


Steve shares a story about how he responded to an unhappy client…

Appearing Pristine


Steve explains the importance light and other reasons to hire a professional photographer.

Motherhood and Finance — A Perfect Synergy


Click on the video to watch Melissa talk about how motherhood brought her back to her roots of working with the clients she appreciates most — and who appreciate her most!

Organization by Pampering


When you work with Jo Leung at Miles Financial Management, expect to experience a calmly balanced approach to the joys of working on your balance sheet.

A Practical Passion for Technology


Melissa shares her firm’s perspective on the evolution and importance of technology in accounting. While her firm is technologically ahead of the curve, she is also practical about what makes the most sense for her clients.

Living The American Dream


Jo Leung is a perfect example of the American Dream. She came to this country and created a successful life — by helping others to succeed in their businesses and their lives.

Eye of the Beholder


Phil specializes in natural landscape photography but he’s also a go-to-guy for models’ portfolio portraits. View examples of Phil’s unique ability to capture the beauty of the world around him.

Photography & Fans


Phil Over has some pretty high profile clients that sports fans might recognize. Who are they? Ask your friendly neighborhood cheerleader.