Four Reasons Why Video is Becoming More Popular than Text

Video is rapidly becoming the most popular means of mass communication, and that’s largely because of 4 factors.

  1. The popularity of smart phones. These have much smaller screens than computers, where it’s difficult to read the small text.  especially for our aging population, or people who need to wear reading glasses.
  2. Watching a video provides both visually and with sound. People absorb information better — and learn more — when they can use more than one of their senses to take in the information.
  3. “People don’t like to read.” I have this in quotes, because I personally don’t believe it’s true. But what I do believe is that people don’t like to read content that is poorly written.  There’s a lot of that out there.
  4. Most people are better at speaking than writing. I believe this is because, in school, we’re taught to write in ways that are very different from how we speak. When we speak, we naturally break complex thoughts into sound bites. When we write, we tend to combine many thoughts into long sentences. It takes extra thinking to process complex sentences, which makes a reader become fatigued from reading.