CARING From a Distance


When families live afar from their loved one, they can not provide the hands-on involvement which is so critical to good care and their own peace of mind. We step in and become their “eyes and ears”. Through ongoing communication and personal visitation, they know what is happening and can rest easier knowing there is […]

How to Best Help Seniors When it’s Time to Sell


Click to watch Mary Robins talk about the importance of having the SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) designation.

Video Chat

Dedicated to Performance Improvement (Extended Version)


Watch this video to learn some of Phil’s secrets — about him personally and also the keys to his success. This is an extended version that combines several shorter video clips.

Tenacity Pays Off (Extended Version)


Phil Over shares some thoughts on how and why he’s able to stay focused and benefit his clients. This is an extended version that combines several shorter video clips.

An Introduction to Niki’s Company and Her Story


Click here to watch the full video (about ten minutes) covering who Niki Pfeiffer is, how she got her start as a designer and why she’s passionate about making products that are fun conversation pieces.

Speaking More Easily


Laura talks about why her voice is deeper than what people may expect and how her product has made speaking easier. She shows off a little of her skill as a mime as well.


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What We Do

In Terms of Strategic Consulting… For our show guests, we help you see yourself through the eyes of your ideal prospect. To figure out the WHY of why you’re good at what you do.  We then show you how to take that information and script it into conversations that make people feel like they know […]