The Accounting Puzzle


In this video Jo Leung talks about how if you look closely enough, you can see true beauty in numbers…. It’s a puzzle filled with detail, discipline and patterns.

Not Your Typical Accountants


Miles Financial Management clients will tell you that Melissa and Jo bring a level of sophistication to their clients — that reflects the depth of their experience.

Motherhood — The Best Teacher


From teaching as a professor of accounting to explaining concept to clients, Jo shares how the motherhood experience taught her how to teach.

We’re All In This Together


Melissa talk about how she is sensitive to the needs of the employees who work for her client companies — as well as the other advisors who support her clients.

Contributing to the Community


Melissa is committed to serving her community and non-profit organizations with her expertise in accounting

Workshops that Deliver Results


Clients attending a workshop with Angela leave with actionable items they’re able to implement. Often it’s as simple as tweaking a client’s pitch to help them get to “yes”.

Learning by Doing


The Montessori method of learning by doing is the one Angela prefers for her kids and for her clients.

Sharpening the Message


Angela believes the key to communications is to keep it simple.

Growth Starts at the Roots


Angela teaches an inspiring, cost-effective approach for reaching new markets and new customers.

Entrepreneurial Upbringing


Her rich and diverse life experiences, starting in childhood, allow Angela to attack a problem, or marketing program, from a unique angle.

Seeing From Many Perspectives


Having worked in a variety of fields, from financial services to manufacturing, Angela attacks devising growth strategies from all angles.

Inspiration from Above


Great ideas and inspiration don’t just rain down from the sky. Or do they???

A Short Demonstration of EFT


Heidi demonstrates how her techniques can overcome the fear of making sales phone calls to prospective customers. Note that this is a shorter version of the clip “A Demonstration of EFT.”

A Demonstration of EFT


Heidi explains how Emotional Freedom Technique, or “EFT” works and demonstrates how it can help clients overcome the fear of call marketing.

Pain Relief


Hear how Heidi relieves physical pain through EFT.

Talk Therapy and EFT


Heidi migrated from traditional “talk therapy” to EFT — to help her clients make the most progress and change possible.

Feeling Worthy


Heidi talks about what helped her to finally feel worthy of the things in her life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques


Listen as Heidi talks about Emotional Freedom Techniques and how they work.

How EFT Works As Business Success Coaching


Heidi talks about her practice’s shift toward EFT and how it has helped her clients.

Therapeutic Techniques


Heidi discusses several of the different therapeutic techniques she uses for her clients and how each one works.

Inspired in Asia


Heidi talks about living in Asia and how it inspired her current career path.

Course to Coaching


Learn about the path that Heidi took to reach her current career.

Integrative Medicine for Wellness and Most Health Conditions


Today, Dr. Georgia focuses her practice on recovery from auto-immune illness, digestion and absorption issues and cancer.  Integrative medicine can benefit many other health conditions.

What To Expect from the First Appointment


In this video, Dr. Georgia Tetlow shares what you should expect when you have your first appointment with her.

The World of Alternative Testing


Dr. Georgia’s integrated approach combining more traditional tests with alternative assessments, provide a much more comprehensive evaluation.

Free Offer


Free 20 minute in-office consultation to learn how an integrative medicine approach can help you if you’re suffering from chronic pain or illness.

Dr. Georgia’s Personal Story


When Dr. Georgia was fourteen years old, she was sent away to boarding school. She wasn’t looking forward to it. But from this experience, she learned the foundations of kindness, community and how to treat others (and one’s self) well. This turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. […]

You’re Not Just Your Symptoms


Dr. Georgia understands it’s easy for a physician to see a patient simply as a body that’s broken. In contrast, her intention is to see every person as a whole — and equally able to find health and happiness.

Understanding Pain


It’s important to discern the difference between physical pain and the emotional implications of that pain. Dr. Georgia’s job is to be able to see the difference so she can best serve her patients.

Healing After Cancer


Before medical school, Dr. Georgia trained as a yoga instructor. In this video, she shares an experience of how yoga powerfully helped one of her students heal. Today, Dr. Georgia uses her knowledge and experience when treating people in recovery from cancer.

Teaching Other Physicians About Pain

Tetlow_Georgia_2011-06-17_PAIN_Specialize_Short2_ 03MM

Dr. Georgia shares some of the work she does helping other physicians develop a more holistic approach to pain management for their patients.

A Specialist in Pain


Dr. Georgia combines her alternative medicine background with her conventional training as a rehabilitation physician to expertly treat pain.

A Special Offer If You’re Suffering with Pain


Dr. Georgia would like to offer a twenty minute consultation — free of charge.

Getting “Unstuck” from Physical Pain


To get “unstuck” from physical pain, it’s possible to focus on changing our responses to our own feelings and thoughts. In this video, Dr. Georgia Tetlow talks about how she helps her patients do this.

Finishing the Jigsaw Puzzle


Employee benefits can look like a big jigsaw puzzle. Finding the missing pieces helps you save money and maximizes the value you receive. Benefits Advantage puts all the pieces of your benefits puzzle together to save you time and money. It’s beautiful when all the right pieces are put together.

Achieving Dreams


I this video, Cheryl Lagunilla shares how she reached one of her dreams — writing a children’s book. Achieving this dream gave her the confidence to build the business she has today. Both successes, interestingly, share a common theme. Watch to find out.

Living a Life of Wellness


Wellness has always been very important to Cheryl. And it’s the reason why her work helps others to stay well — through education and appropriate access to care.

Managing Change


To do my job as a Benefits Administrator, I need to stay on top of the constant changes.

Why You Should Ask Me About Medicare


Because I love to learn and I love to teach. So when you are learning about Medicare, education leads to the right decision.

Getting the Most Out of Your Employee Benefits


Employee benefits are an important part of employee compensation. Educating your employees about their benefits leads to greater employee satisfaction.

Getting the Most Out of Your Employee Benefits (Short Version)


Employee benefits are an important part of employee compensation. Educating your employees about their benefits leads to greater employee satisfaction.

Why Is It That Geeks Like Sci-Fi


Guy talks about his favorite TV shows, and what makes them entertaining.

Dinner and a Movie


Learn how you can earn a dinner and movie package from Guy.

Changing the Parameters


Learn how Guy used a moment from Star Trek to help solve a customer’s problem.

Offers for Businesses and Residents


Guy makes a special offer to both business customers and residential customers.  This offer applies to New Philadelphia Area Business customers and all new residential customers.

Juggling Clients


Guy reveals his secret to helping multiple customers that are in need of his services at the same time.

Did She Say Teepee???


When Joan was growing up, her family often went camping for vacation — which also saved them money. Today, Joan still loves to go camping, but she’s graduated from a tent to a teepee!

Harnessing your Dreams


Joan looks to one of history’s great men, Martin Luther King Jr., for help in guiding clients to their goals.

Achieving Your Dreams


Watch this video to hear Joan Reading talk about her clients are successful with conquering their debt.

Silver Medal!


No one is more excited about his success — second place at the Rotary cook off — than Kevin himself. He can’t help it, he’s a people pleaser! And he can’t help getting tongue-tied while describing his amazing chili!

How to Create Your Own Signature Recipe


It’s Kevin’s secret recipe for creating your own family tradition.

Fresh Food and Fresh Ideas


Kevin reads cookbooks like most people read magazines and newspapers…with the light on! The pilot light! His reading often inspires him to cook up something new for his business and for his family.

The Choice is Yours


So many textures, spices, sauces and at least ten different kinds of cookies to choose from! Kevin’s clients have an almost unbelievable pallet of options at their disposal.

Learning to Speak American


Rita Schaer talks about how “American” is more challenging to learn than Swahili, German or English.

Growing Up in an Orphanage in Africa


Rita Schaer talks about her childhood and how it defines who she is today.

Collecting Old Boyfriends


Here we’re talking about how it’s sometimes better to hold on instead of letting go. When you can make it work, it just works.

Loyalty’s a Two Way Street


Kevin’s pride in his close-knit work force is evident. At Purple Picnic People a ten year tenure is par for the course.

Offer: Expert Advice


Download a free party planning guide today and get started planning your next get-together the Purple People way.

Sibling Revelry


All but one of Kevin’s siblings lives locally, so they’re always planning and throwing parties for each other. All nine of them.

Mild-Mannered Kevin Bruton or…Souperman?


Early in his career Kevin leapt into action and walked off with a rather unique prize at a community soup cook-off.

30+ Years and Counting


When you’ve been in business over 30 years you learn a thing or two about how to treat your employees.

Boys Will Be Boys (So Hide Your Keys)


A memorable story from Kevin’s childhood sheds more light on what a unique adventure it is being part of such a large family.

Managing Unmet Client Expectations


Steve shares a story about how he responded to an unhappy client…

Appearing Pristine


Steve explains the importance light and other reasons to hire a professional photographer.

Becoming a Professional


Steve talks about becoming a professional photographer and some of the changes he has seen in the field.