Talking with Strangers


Heidi talks about how people bond with her.

Crystals and Incense


Heidi talks about being down to earth and why she doesn’t dance in a circle with crystals and incense.

Down to Earth


Learn a little about Heidi’s upbringing and the types of food that she enjoys.

Making Fear Fun


Heidi talks about how she helps clients transform fear into fun.

Your Relationship with Money


Heidi talks about the problems many of us have with money and how she helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with money.

Natural Abilities


Hear some of the natural abilities that Heidi has and how they help her in her work.

Overcoming Fear


Heidi talks about how she has made fear into fun in her life.



Learn what techniques Heidi has used to help her stop procrastinating.



Heidi talks about the things that cause us to feel compassion and also how the ability to feel compassion for others is an important character trait for someone who is doing the therapeutic work that she does.



Heidi speaks about her clientele and the types of people that request her services.

Simple and Inexpensive Advice


Vince gives advice that can help clients protect their children if something happens to them.

Inspiring Employees


Jeff Middleton shares one of his secrets to keeping his team of employees motivated and inspired.

If You’re Thinking About Hiring LANTIUM…


Watch this video for a special offer for new customers.

The Importance of Being Organized


Mary shares some tips and tricks for how she stays organized to make the buying and selling process smooth for everyone.

Certified as a Residential Specialist


Mary Robins talks about what it takes to become certified as a Residential Specialist.

Protecting You When You Purchase a Home


The importance of having an Accredited Buyer Representative protect you through the buying process.

Working to Help People


We’ve all had someone in our lives who has helped to inspire us to be who we are today.  In this short clip, Mary talks about how she recognized that she needs to be doing work that helps people.

Helping You Get to Where You Want to Go


In this video, Mary’s is talked into bragging a little bit about her husband.  But you’ll be surprised to hear what she encouraged him to do — and how she loves to encourage others.

If You Think You Can’t Buy a Home…


…Find out how you can.  Mary Robins has a track record for helping people succeed, even when they didn’t think they could.

Winning the Selling Game


In this video, Mary shares how her competitiveness in sports translates to why she is one of the top agents in the area.

Examining the Evidence


Integrative medicine is an evidence-based approach combining the best of conventional medicines with evidence-based alternative medicine. Dr. Georgia explains.

You Play a Key Role in Your Own Health


Through our choices for diet, exercise and stress reduction, Dr. Georgia explains how we each play a key role in our own health.

Dr. Georgia Addresses Root Causes


Rather than band-aiding symptoms, Dr. Georgia heals by addressing root causes, a truly integrative medical approach.

Dr. Georgia Confesses She’s a Nerd…


Watch this video to hear Dr. Georgia talk a bit about her high school days and her favorite sport.

Special Offer


Mindfulness training can be tailored to your group’s needs.

Mindfulness: Learning to be Present with Compassion


Georgia sees Meditation Mindfulness as becoming more aware, training one’s attention, cultivating one’s attitude, learning one’s own responses and one’s own triggers.

Helping Someone by Being Present with Them


Dr. Georgia learned early in life that being present with others, and really listening, could help them get unstuck.

Dr. Georgia Helps You When Others Can’t


A true story of how Dr. Georgia Tetlow’s mindfulness meditation training helped the CEO of a large corporation. This person said, “I can’t do this,” but then went on to develop a successful daily mind body practice.

Being Present as a Doctor


Dr. Georgia teaches Mindfulness Meditation for physicians — for CME credits, or for stress reduction.

A Cute Vignette About Dr. Georgia


It’s no wonder Dr. Georgia ultimately got into med school. As a child, Georgia Tetlow loved homework!

An Invitation to Connect


Watch this video for a special invitation to connect with Amy — she’s happy to connect you with her contacts that matter to you.

How to Make The Most Money from Your Time


We all know the phrase, “time is money,” but Amy Larrimore works with her clients to implement the “HOW” of making the most money with their time.

Be Inspired by a Little Moxie


Amy Larrimore shares how she got an internationally famous blogger to let her take him out on the town.

A Business Model for Client Success


Jeff Middleton talks about how providing information technology services as managed services saves companies money and keeps them continually updated with current technologies.

Spicy Food & Air Conditioning


Get to know Jeff a bit more personally in this video — as he shares his appreciation for food and festivities.

International Interests


For those of you who would like to know a few things about Jeff that only his friends know (until now), watch this video to hear about some of Jeff’s international interests.

Favorite Places for Chinese Food


If you know Jeff Middleton, you know that he used to live in China. In this brief clip, Jeff shares his two favorite places in Philly for Chinese food.

A Special Offer


Watch this video to hear a special offer for existing customers.

Playing Jazz Guitar


On a more personal note, Jeff Middleton shares how he first learned to be patient.

The Secret to Technology Success


To be successful with technology, you need to have patience to be able to figure out solutions to problems. For a technology company to be successful, patience needs to be part of the culture. Watch this video to hear Jeff Middleton talk about how and why this is.

Finding Inspiration Through People


In this video Jeff Middleton talks about why he finds people to be his greatest source of inspiration — and how his appreciation for his employees has led to his company’s success.

Creating Entertainment


Learn about Patty’s childhood and the creative ways that she and her siblings would play.

The Importance of Tenacity


Patty talks about the role of tenacity in real estate and the particular importance it holds in negotiations.

The Tax Appeal Process


Patty offers a free one hour consultation on the tax appeal process.

Resolving Issues


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate.

Resolving Issues with the Help of Preferred Service Providers


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate. In this extended clip, she also offers access to her list of tried and true service providers to help build your home team.

Healing Art Works

Cunningham_Patty_2011-05-13_DEPENDABILITY_ Healing_03MM

Before she was a realtor, Patty helped a friend establish a non-profit organization called Healing Art Works. The program is now operational at several area hospitals and is an example of the commitment that Patty’s clients receive.

A $125 Offer


Patty offers a free one-hour in-home staging consultation which is a value of $125 dollars.

Creatively Staging Homes


Patty discusses the importance of staging homes creatively and how it can help potential buyers feel comfortable.

Attention to Detail and Creativity


Patty discloses some of the various ways that creativity and attention to detail play into the business of real estate.

Artistic Interests


Learn what Patty likes to paint, and how the rules of composition can help guide artists in their efforts to create a good piece of artwork.

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize


When Patty was younger, she tenaciously saved dimes for a guitar. It took two years, but it was well worth it.

Why Vince Decided to Become An Attorney


Sometimes, you know what you’re meant to be from when you’re in elementary school. Vince started “practicing” law at a young age. His creativity then carries over to the creative solutions he provides to clients today.

Free Living Will Offer


As a follow up to the clip on “Simple and Inexpensive Advice,” Learn how to get a free living will and power of attorney.

“I Become Personally Embarrassed”


Find out what personally embarrasses Vince — and why it’s a benefit to you.

Giving Back


Vince talks about serving on the board of directors of the Chester County Solid Waste Authority.

The Importance of History


As a history buff, Vince has some favorite eras in U.S. history. It’s a personal passion that is tied to his community service and also gives him an appreciation for researching legal precedents.

Do You Need a Lawyer?


There are times when clients don’t need an attorney and Vince talks about how his firm helps in those times.

Legal Presentation Offer


Learn how your community group or non-profit organization can receive a free one-hour talk, free of charge.

The Strategy is in the Details


Vince talks about how his focus on subtle details benefits his clients’ contract negotiations.

Growing a Successful Law Firm


Vince talks about what it takes to grow a successful law firm.

The Importance of Listening to You as the Client


Vince talks about the importance of listening to clients, and how it determines who he hires and who becomes his client.

Baseball and the Subtle Details


Vince talks about his passion, Baseball, and what makes him interested in the sport. He also talks about how his appreciation for baseball translates to what makes him good at what he does.

Stories from Childhood


Vince talks about what he liked to do in his Cub Scout days.

Happiness: A Matter of Perspective


From Joan Reading’s vantage point happiness is a matter of focus. And the bluebird of happiness? A humble pigeon.

Life in the Matrix


Have your popcorn ready, Joan reveals her favorite movie and the life lessons that lie just below the surface.

It All Adds Up


One of Joan’s favorite examples of how learning to adjust one’s own priorities is often its own reward. By focusing on simple wasy to reduce your daily expenses, it might just add up to a new vacation.



Joan’s most fundamental advice on achieving happiness.

Words of Encouragement


Simple marching orders for moving toward a brighter tomorrow.

Man’s Search For Meaning


Joan’s favorite book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” is a story about hope and future. Here she also talks about not living in the past, and making new history instead.



Some of Joan’s best advice is available free at her Web site. Click here to see some of the available information and services.

Diverse Background


Joan’s experience as a social worker has broadened her ability to see others for who they are beyond their balance sheets.

Wants vs Needs


For Joan it’s family and her ability to help others that add up to a rich life. And she keeps a calculator nearby, just in case.

Free Tattoo


Learn how to get a free Alex’s Lemonade tattoo.

Raising Awareness


Steve talks about raising awareness through lemonade stands.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand


Steve talks about how his family got involved with the pediatric cancer charity.

Exceeding Client Expectations


Steve talks about how he pushes the boundaries in both his personal life and his professional life. To have fun and to exceed client expectations.

Having Fun with Family


Steve talks a little more about how he has fun, what his family thinks of it and shares a bit of advice.

Working with Kid’s Clothing Choices


Steve gives a little advice to parents about children’s fashion.

Big Brother Steve


Steve talks about his time with the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Style, Simplicity and Social Responsibility


All in one fun package — with the Wine Gabby.

Why I Became an Inventor


Today, more women are inventors — inventing products for women because we want to help each other.

Feeling Like a Celebrity


Niki Pfeiffer is always searching for inspiration for her products — looking for that perfect balance of design and functionality.

Being Creative with Design


Here Niki tells a story about how she began playing with fashion design when she was still a kid — “borrowing” things from her grandmother’s closet.

OMG, You Have to See This (Short Version)


The way this invention transforms from a wristlet to a wine tote and back to a wristlet is just way too cool. Watch it in action here. You’ll be amazed.

How Did You Come Up with the Name, “Wine Gabby?”


Believe it or not, Niki was inspired by her favorite character from her favorite TV show. Can you guess who?

The Essence of Style


Niki Pfeiffer defines style as having that one great accessory — that you can wear — but is also a little different.

OMG, You Have to See This


The way this invention transforms from a wristlet to a wine tote and back to a wristlet is just way too cool. Watch it in action here. You’ll be amazed.

“Where Did You Get That” is the New “How Are You?”


We all love to have that fashion accessory that doubles as a conversation piece. The Wine Gabby delivers that, and more!

Why All the Excitement?


There is so much excitement around the Wine Gabby. Click to hear inventor, Niki Pfeiffer, talk about why.