It’s Here! We Have Our New Set!


In 2010 we set out to make Talk Show Connections™ the premier provider of online video interview content for entrepreneurs and businesses professionals. Today, we’re the only full-service, turn-key provider of quality video talk show marketing — that’s affordable for today’s successful business people. Plus, it’s fun. Read more…

Technology is Fashionable


In this fun and lighthearted video, Jo shares some “geeky” secrets about herself, her fashion, her technology and her clients.

Solutions and Boundaries


In this video, Jo talks about how she is able to find solutions that are pracitcal — while keeping in mind the boundaries, or lines, that can’t be crossed.

Tax Accounting & Results


Melissa talks about the tax accounting experience she acquired prior to founding Miles Financial. She brings this experience to her clients today, to get results.

Every Client is Unique


Jo talks about how her own experience as a business owner and how it helps her to appreciate and and anticipate their needs.

Start with the End in Mind


Melissa shares her love of reverse engineering everything — from recipes to business processes.

Teaching Starts Early


Although Melissa might not ever want her brother to find this video, it’s a heartfelt story of Melissa commitment to teaching, sharing and helping others.