The Role Personality Plays in Your Success

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Guy talk about how his optimism put challenges into perspective, so he can focus on his success and the success of others.

From Mentoring to Your Virtual Assitant in a Box

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All of his life, Guy has given back to others through mentoring. He shares some of his experiences here and how today, he’s able to mentor many more people at once, with his new “Your Virtual Assistant in a Box” package. Visit the website for more information.

Hard Work with the Right Help Equals Success

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In this video we debate the importance of hard work versus other paths to success.

From Entrepreneur to Author

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Guy shares how he got is his start as an entrepreneur — and then how that experience evolved into writing 3 books, with more on the way.

Uncover Creativity in the Things You Do Every Day

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In this video, Guy talks about how we all get creativity from the things we do. By being aware of our environment we can identify creative ideas and opportunities every day.

Attention to Detail


Watch this video to learn what sets Robert’s images apart from others’ — and how he achieves client satisfaction.

Top 3 Secrets to Success


In this video, Robert shares his top 3 secrets to success as a commercial — and artistic — photographer. Watch to hear a few surprises….

The Zen Effect…


In this video, Robert talks about how to create comfort in an inherently uncomfortable environment. Because his models, or you, are relaxed — your personality shines through. And you’ll hear a testimonial to prove it.

The Search for Beauty


Robert talks about how he ensures his artwork photography will have lasting value. So it appreciates in value while his clients appreciate its beauty.

Exploring and Discovering New Potential


Because Robert is passionate about his work, he is always discovering new techniques — on his own time — so he’s better prepared for client engagements.

Evoking Emotion


In this video, Robert talks about the conflicting synergy between producing both artistic and commercial photography. He also shares a story about how he made a client’s mother cry….

Recommendations for Embedding Videos, including WordPress Sites

From 2013, all new client videos are published on your channel with easy access to embed codes.  If you are a client from previous years, you can request that your videos be updated to include embed codes.  Contact me for details. The embed codes us the iframe standard, so they can be embedded in just […]

What You Get

Strategy & Content Development — 10+ Hours 1) With proprietary tools, I work directly with you to identify why you’re so god at what you do. And what your competitive advantages are. This is where all the “real” interviewing happens.   2) Through this process, we discuss a series of creative concepts.  We determine how to […]