Year End Greetings!


I hope you enjoy watching this video. Rather than a text message, we thought you’d enjoy a more personal message. Please let us know if you like it. Best wishes for 2014.

Do You Fit The Ideal Client Profile?


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D. is quite candid about who her clients are and who they are not. Interestingly, if you’re the type of person who is likes tangible results, then you’ll appreciate working with Andrea, because she relates to the focused clients who eagerly respond to, “so what are we going to work […]

The Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Psychologist

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In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., talks about when it’s appropriate for an organization — or individual — to hire a business psychologist vs. a business coach.

It’s All About the Relationship….


Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D. shares insight into what makes a psychologist successful. Whether working with individuals, families, businesses or organizations — while process is important — it always comes down to the relationship. It’s important to have a genuine relationship based on empathy and compassion.

An Overview of What’s in it for You


Here, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., shares how her work benefits individuals and businesses — including, saving people and businesses money.

Could Workplace Conflict be Holding Your Business Back?


For 90% or more of Andrea Delligatti’s clients, her professional mediation and conflict resolution services add dollars directly to the bottom line. Watch this video to learn how. Second on Website

What’s Your Workplace EQ?


EQ, or Emotional Intelligence is a requirement for organizations of the 21st century. When you proactively work on EQ in your organization — you will transform your employees, your organization and ultimately the business — to exceed all expectations.

How to Win The Health Care Game


In this video, Jon talks about his background — writing about value-based health care coverage with cost efficiency. He focuses on the underlying dilemma of our “drip vs gusher” mentality and how to conquer it.

Customer Service and Compliance


In this video Jon shares an overview of the businesses and how we assess employer benefit needs. Because of the range of services provided, you benefit from the resources of many professionals.

JP Warner Background & Focus


In this video, Jon shows a more personal side — talking about his love for education, his experience as a ski instructor while in college, and everything that was going on when he started Warner Benefits.

Communications & Use of Benefits


Watch this video to learn how Warner Benefits and HRA are different. They invest their energy to help each individual with their unique needs. This begins with up front plan communications and is followed up with answering questions as they arise.

Biometric Wellness — What it Means to You


The healthcare law has standards that allow employers to implement wellness incentive programs. Part of the growing healthcare cost problem in our country has to do with personal habits — that start when we’re young — and lead to future medical problems. Jon shares how to design a plan that promotes employee education and focus.

HSAs, HRAs & FSAs — Healthcare Alphabet Soup


Jon talks about the three pre-tax opportunities to pay personal healthcare expenses. He provides an overview of HSA, HRAs and FSAs and how they compare and contrast. At the end, he shares exactly how to win the health care game.

Happy Holidays


Click to watch Brian Lipstein share some holiday cheer with you and also a special offer for The Gift of Fit.

Obamacare Opportunities


In this video, Jon Warner talks about how times are changing — and that creates opportunities for employers to make their plans more efficient and maintain positive employee morale.

Year End Greetings!


I hope you enjoy watching this video. Rather than a text message, we thought you’d enjoy a more personal message. Please let us know if you like it. Best wishes for 2014.