The Foundations of Quality Enablement


Here, Bob talks about the building blocks of the Quality Enablement Framework. Specifically, how it incorporates the best concepts from quality and process thought leaders over the past several decades.

Doing the Right Thing


It isn’t always what the client wants, but it’s often what they appreciate most.

The Team at Mugshots & Making Perfect Espresso Drinks


Angie and her team at Mugshots are passionate — about coffee, about local food, and about making a difference. The people who work at Mugshots are well-trained. Watch the end of this video to see how to make a perfect espresso drink.

Mugshots Coffeehouse and the Importance of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability


Mugshots Coffeehouse is a founding B-Corp member, practicing the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Watch Mugshots’ Founder, Angela Vendetti talk about what they do to be a sustainable business.

Enabling your Team is the Key to Improvement


Bob Jarvis is passionate about helping his clients succeed in the face of global competition. In this video, you’ll get an understanding of how Bob works with client teams and who gets the credit for the results — which, by the way, can be multiple orders of magnitude!

The Quality Enablement Methodology Revealed


Watch this video for an overview of the framework — from the why to the how — and a three-dimensional visual representation.

Creativity is Contagious


Bob shares a fun and heartwarming story about bringing back Santa to an Air Force base in New Jersey — while setting a national speed record. And, there’s even business insight here for you, too.

What Matters Most


In this video, Bob Jarvis, founder of Quality Enablement LLC, shares why he’s so committed to helping companies become more successful through employee enablement. You’ll also get some insight into why he’s giving his proprietary framework away for free.