Attract Only the Right Customers

I was once talking to the receptionist who worked for a financial services firm.  She said to me that as soon as a person walks in the door, she knows exactly which financial advisor they’re here to see.

If they are dressed in an expensive business suit and snobby, there here to see Tom. If they’re in a suit and are down-to-earth, it’s Rebecca. If they’re dressed in a plaid flannel shirt and work boots, they’re here to see Jim. If they’re personality is loud and boisterous, it’s Dave. If they’re shy and quiet they’re here to see Megan.

In other words, each of the advisors in the office are attracting clients who fit a certain profile.

When you look at yourself and your own friends or clients, do you have a type that is your favorite? Alternatively are there types of clients who stress you out? Wouldn’t life be easier if all the people you like to work with came to you and all of the ones that stress you out left you alone? You wouldn’t want to go to work for just any random company or boss, so why would you want to do work for just any client?

When you focus on working with like-minded people, the work is easier because you get each other without a lot of explanation. You do better work faster and you enjoy it more while doing it. Ultimately you’re more successful and you earn more money.

So, when people wonder why showing off their character and personality is important in video, it’s because that’s exactly how you attract like-minded clients.

When you’re determining what things about your character you want to share in video, focus on the traits that make you good at what you do. Share stories that help people get to know you. To the extent that you give your viewers the ability to self-select, the leads that come your way will be much better qualified.