The Team at Mugshots & Making Perfect Espresso Drinks


Angie and her team at Mugshots are passionate — about coffee, about local food, and about making a difference. The people who work at Mugshots are well-trained. Watch the end of this video to see how to make a perfect espresso drink.

Mugshots Coffeehouse and the Importance of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability


Mugshots Coffeehouse is a founding B-Corp member, practicing the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Watch Mugshots’ Founder, Angela Vendetti talk about what they do to be a sustainable business.

Mugshots Farm to Office Catering

Vendetti_Angie_2013-05-24_CATERING_07MM thumbnail

Mugshots leads the revolution in sustainable meetings and events through socially and environmentally responsible food and coffee service. Order online at or call 215.460.1460.

The Impact of Direct Trade in Coffee


In this video, Angie shares what direct trade is, and why it’s a big deal. Working with Counter Culture, Mugshots has made a positive impact on the lives of the people who farm their coffee.

Smile When You Say That!


Kevin’s philosophy of valuing fun over fancy is the basis for his success. It’s also inspired a terrifically taxing tongue twister!

Calling All Purple People!


Kevin describes a unique employment offer.

Party Like You’re Getting Paid


Kevin and the Purple Picnic People take care of everything for your party, so you can simply enjoy yourself.

Cooking Up a Rewarding Career


Kevin’s home-spun advice is the perfect recipe for mixing business with pleasure.

From Brown Bag to Putting Green


Kevin’s successful career in hospitality has taken him from a summer job in a restaurant to managing the food and beverage needs of a world-class golf course.

A Sandwich and a Snooze


Kevin recalls how back-breaking labor at the age of 14 helped set him on the right path.

Silver Medal!


No one is more excited about his success — second place at the Rotary cook off — than Kevin himself. He can’t help it, he’s a people pleaser! And he can’t help getting tongue-tied while describing his amazing chili!

How to Create Your Own Signature Recipe


It’s Kevin’s secret recipe for creating your own family tradition.

Fresh Food and Fresh Ideas


Kevin reads cookbooks like most people read magazines and newspapers…with the light on! The pilot light! His reading often inspires him to cook up something new for his business and for his family.

The Choice is Yours


So many textures, spices, sauces and at least ten different kinds of cookies to choose from! Kevin’s clients have an almost unbelievable pallet of options at their disposal.

Loyalty’s a Two Way Street


Kevin’s pride in his close-knit work force is evident. At Purple Picnic People a ten year tenure is par for the course.

Offer: Expert Advice


Download a free party planning guide today and get started planning your next get-together the Purple People way.

Sibling Revelry


All but one of Kevin’s siblings lives locally, so they’re always planning and throwing parties for each other. All nine of them.

Mild-Mannered Kevin Bruton or…Souperman?


Early in his career Kevin leapt into action and walked off with a rather unique prize at a community soup cook-off.

30+ Years and Counting


When you’ve been in business over 30 years you learn a thing or two about how to treat your employees.

Boys Will Be Boys (So Hide Your Keys)


A memorable story from Kevin’s childhood sheds more light on what a unique adventure it is being part of such a large family.

I’m From a Really Big Family


I’m from a really (really, really) big family! Ten kids! Click play to hear about how crazy things were for me growing up!