The Advantages of Working with a Benefits Advisor


In this video Cheryl Lagunilla talks about why it makes sense to work with a benefits advisor for your business — there is no additional cost, but there are many additional benefits.

Finishing the Jigsaw Puzzle


Employee benefits can look like a big jigsaw puzzle. Finding the missing pieces helps you save money and maximizes the value you receive. Benefits Advantage puts all the pieces of your benefits puzzle together to save you time and money. It’s beautiful when all the right pieces are put together.

Living a Life of Wellness


Wellness has always been very important to Cheryl. And it’s the reason why her work helps others to stay well — through education and appropriate access to care.

Managing Change


To do my job as a Benefits Administrator, I need to stay on top of the constant changes.

Getting the Most Out of Your Employee Benefits


Employee benefits are an important part of employee compensation. Educating your employees about their benefits leads to greater employee satisfaction.

Getting the Most Out of Your Employee Benefits (Short Version)


Employee benefits are an important part of employee compensation. Educating your employees about their benefits leads to greater employee satisfaction.

Why You Should Ask Me About Medicare


Because I love to learn and I love to teach. So when you are learning about Medicare, education leads to the right decision.

Achieving Dreams


I this video, Cheryl Lagunilla shares how she reached one of her dreams — writing a children’s book. Achieving this dream gave her the confidence to build the business she has today. Both successes, interestingly, share a common theme. Watch to find out.

The Right Connections Matter


Cheryl Lagunilla talks about how her extensive, diverse network makes it possible for her to bring the right services and solution to those she helps.

Special Offer for Saving for College


Cheryl Lagunilla talks about a college reward program she offers through benefits advantage.



Here Cheryl shares a few things about herself that you wouldn’t necessarily know — but they explain why she is who she is.

Perseverance, Dedication and Follow-Through


As a business owner herself, Cheryl Lagunilla understands the importance of perseverance, dedication and follow-through. These character traits are the foundation of her success — and the reason her clients are so satisfied.

Life of the Party


How many people do you know who have the gift of gab? In this video Cheryl shares some personal insight about why she loves connecting people with each other.

Family Matters


Cheryl Lagunilla shares some personal thoughts about her family and what they mean to her.

A Short Employee Benefits Offer


Play the video for a special offer to benefit your business.