Using “WHY?” to Captivate Your Prospects

In just 90 seconds, Dave helps you shift your sales messages from “what-ness” to “why-ness.” See for yourself the difference this can make with prospects.

Dave Palmer
Founder Incyte Strategies LLC
Work Phone: 484-895-9257 Website: Incyte Strategies Website

“Why should I talk to you?” That’s the question on everyone’s mind when they’re looking for a consultant. Especially a “marketing” consultant. With a bajillion people calling themselves “marketing consultants,” it’s tough to stand apart from the crowd. But I do. Here’s how.

When I develop a marketing strategy, I focus on how you impact the lives of those you wish to serve. I’m “why-centric” in my thinking. Everything I ask, research, analyze, strategize, plan, write and implement revolves around answering your prospect’s unspoken question – “Why should I do business with you? What’s in it for me? How will you impact my work world? Do you solve my problem? Are you relevant?”

Too many businesses think only in terms of what they do and expressing how good they are at it. But by focusing on those points, they are not really answering what their prospects really need to know before doing business with them.

My passion is to understand why you matter to your prospect. With this insight and understanding, I can craft a marketing strategy, create a compelling sales message platform, and write the campaigns, collateral, and websites that motivate prospects to become buyers.

Please watch my videos to learn more about me and how I use my “why” approach to help your company flourish.

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