Rejected for Employment — A Story of Courtroom Applause


Dave believes that people should get second chances. He’ll never forget this case. It’s a heartwarming story of America and what is possible for people to achieve.

Coaching Basketball, Teamwork & Strategy


Litigating cases requires strategy and teamwork. Where did Dave build these skills?

Personal Experiences Why Dave Relates to You as His Client

Koller_Dave_2013-08-02_RESPECTFUL_Transition_03MM thumbnail

In this short video, Dave talks about two life changing experiences — from his own life — that helps him relate to what you’re going through when life isn’t easy.

Creative Lawyering to Help a Client

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In this video, Dave Koller talks about how he successfully represented one of his clients who was a victim of sexual harassment, while working for a large retail chain.

Representing Walmart in the Past Means Better Employee Representation Today


Early in his career, Dave worked as legal counsel for Walmart. Today, his clients benefit from these experiences.

Teaching Attorneys Then and Now


Do you remember the TV show Doogie Howser? Well, not to make too many comparisons here, but watch the video to find out why Dave has accomplished so much early in his career.

Sharing Knowledge with Young Lawyers Through Writing


Writing is an important skill for successful lawyers because you need to articulate your cases clearly and concisely. Dave also writes a regularly featured article in the Legal Intelligencer for young lawyers.

Commitment to Clients


Dave believes a good lawyer doesn’t simply leave work at work. It’s important to be connected to your clients and your cases. Koller_Dave_2013-08-02_FAIR_Guess_03MM

Winning Over Clients and Judges Alike


If you’re looking for one video to watch to get to know Dave personally as well as professionally — this one is it. His down-to-earth approach wins over clients and judges alike.

Dave is Focused on What Matters


It’s not his suit or shoes — but it’s how he represents clients. Whether you’re an individual or a business, you’re treated well — and you’re treated fairly.

The Single Employee Versus the Large Multinational Corporation


Here’s a modern day story of David and Goliath. Except that it’s a nice Italian lady from South Philly vs. a large multinational corporation. Watch this “feel good” story about triumphing against the odds.

Driven by Fairness and Equality


In this short video, Dave Koller shares his passion for taking on cases that other lawyers may not take — simply because what he sees was so unfair.

Motivated to Help


Dave is motivated to help those who seek his help. His approach is “low pressure,” and that’s because of his outlook on life.

The Reason Koller Law, LLC is Growing


Is because Dave and his team of attorneys take on cases for the right reasons. Koller Law advocates for the cases and causes that matter.

Cases Dave Just Can’t Do


Attorneys shouldn’t take any case that comes there way. In Dave’s case, you’ll never see him working as a criminal prosecutor. He’s too committed to helping people who are struggling in life.

Even Attorneys Have Their Own Legal Battles


Dave shares a personal story — about how his honeymoon turned into a legal battle. But without any screaming or yelling.

It Takes Persistence to Handle a Case


Dave shares a story about a long drawn out battle against the U.S. Postal Service on behalf one of his favorite clients.

Living a Yogic Lifestyle


Dave talks about what he does to stay centered and balanced.

Being In the Moment and Focusing on You


When you need to be heard, you have Dave’s undivided attention.

Why Dave Carries a Broken Briefcase

Koller_Dave_2013-08-02_SELFMADE_Briefcase_03MM thumbnail

And what it represents to him and what it means for you.

Negotiatiing to Feel Good


Dave shares a story about standing up for one of his clients — through the drama and the negotiations. It feels good to go to bat for a client, especially when you get more for them.

Never Take it for Granted


Dave learned how to overcome odds and succeed from an early age. In his life and his career, he worked hard to get to where he is today.