Personal Experiences Why Dave Relates to You as His Client

In this short video, Dave talks about two life changing experiences — from his own life — that helps him relate to what you’re going through when life isn’t easy.

David Koller
Attorney Koller Law, LLC
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I started this firm in 2009 after seven years of private practice at other area law firms. As a young lawyer right out of law school, I was blessed to have an opportunity to represent one of the world’s largest employers. For three and a half years I gained a ton of experience and insight into how a huge employer thinks, traveling across Pennsylvania and New Jersey in federal and state court defending against employment and other litigation claims. That experience has allowed me to represent employers and companies in all types of litigation in federal and state court and agencies.

My passion, however, is in representing you, the individual. I enjoy representing people with everyday (or not so every day) problems. It thrills me to advocate for someone who has been wronged and who needs a voice and a partner to defend or pursue his or her rights. We gladly and proudly represent people of all different backgrounds, races, national origins, religions, and lifestyle preferences and people with disabilities.

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