Style, Simplicity and Social Responsibility


All in one fun package — with the Wine Gabby.

Why I Became an Inventor


Today, more women are inventors — inventing products for women because we want to help each other.

Feeling Like a Celebrity


Niki Pfeiffer is always searching for inspiration for her products — looking for that perfect balance of design and functionality.

Being Creative with Design


Here Niki tells a story about how she began playing with fashion design when she was still a kid — “borrowing” things from her grandmother’s closet.

OMG, You Have to See This (Short Version)


The way this invention transforms from a wristlet to a wine tote and back to a wristlet is just way too cool. Watch it in action here. You’ll be amazed.

How Did You Come Up with the Name, “Wine Gabby?”


Believe it or not, Niki was inspired by her favorite character from her favorite TV show. Can you guess who?

The Essence of Style


Niki Pfeiffer defines style as having that one great accessory — that you can wear — but is also a little different.

OMG, You Have to See This


The way this invention transforms from a wristlet to a wine tote and back to a wristlet is just way too cool. Watch it in action here. You’ll be amazed.

“Where Did You Get That” is the New “How Are You?”


We all love to have that fashion accessory that doubles as a conversation piece. The Wine Gabby delivers that, and more!

Why All the Excitement?


There is so much excitement around the Wine Gabby. Click to hear inventor, Niki Pfeiffer, talk about why.

The WineGabby — The Newest Fashion Accessory for Wine Lovers


Click to watch Niki Pfeiffer demonstrate the newest, funnest and most talked about trend for wine fashionistas. You have to see it to believe it. The WineGabby is THE every-day wristlet handbag that magically transforms — to fashionably hold a bottle of wine, too. Who says a great accessory can’t make you the most interesting […]

The Red Strawberry Explosion


Here, Niki briefly shares why red is her favorite color and how — once upon a time — her room as a child had strawberries exploding all over it.

Defining Moments of Motherhood


For Niki, becoming a mom was a defining moment, not just in her life, but also in her career. Seeing life through her children’s eyes fostered her passion for developing products that help parents to see life through their children’s eyes. From Niki’s perspective, creating memorable experiences with your children is emotionally rewarding.

Finding Creative Inspiration


Here, Niki is sharing how her experiences of traveling the world inspire her with Architectural influences for her products. Today, one of the defining characteristics of all Niki Pfeiffer Designs are their three-dimensional design elements.

What Makes Curtain Candies (TM) Different?


There aren’t many options for decorating your child’s room aside from cartoon character themes. Curtain Candies (TM) makes it easy for you to change or update the look of your child’s room as their tastes and personalities change and grow. Curtain Candies (TM) are the easy, unique way to transform plain children’s curtains into an […]

The Inspiration for Curtain Candies (TM)


Click on the video to hear Niki talk about how her early childhood memories of decorating her room — in a Strawberry Shortcake theme — inspired her to create Curtain Candies (TM), a playful, collaborative way to decorate your child’s room and create a fun conversation piece, too!

Building Confidence Through Creativity


In this short clip, Niki talks briefly about how being allowed to make decorating decisions as a kid helped to build her confidence while growing up.

An Introduction to Niki’s Company and Her Story


Click here to watch the full video (about ten minutes) covering who Niki Pfeiffer is, how she got her start as a designer and why she’s passionate about making products that are fun conversation pieces.