Dr. Georgia Addresses Root Causes


Rather than band-aiding symptoms, Dr. Georgia heals by addressing root causes, a truly integrative medical approach.

Helping Someone by Being Present with Them


Dr. Georgia learned early in life that being present with others, and really listening, could help them get unstuck.

Dr. Georgia Helps You When Others Can’t


A true story of how Dr. Georgia Tetlow’s mindfulness meditation training helped the CEO of a large corporation. This person said, “I can’t do this,” but then went on to develop a successful daily mind body practice.

Dr. Georgia’s Personal Story


When Dr. Georgia was fourteen years old, she was sent away to boarding school. She wasn’t looking forward to it. But from this experience, she learned the foundations of kindness, community and how to treat others (and one’s self) well. This turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. […]

Getting “Unstuck” from Physical Pain


To get “unstuck” from physical pain, it’s possible to focus on changing our responses to our own feelings and thoughts. In this video, Dr. Georgia Tetlow talks about how she helps her patients do this.

What To Expect from the First Appointment


In this video, Dr. Georgia Tetlow shares what you should expect when you have your first appointment with her.

A Special Offer If You’re Suffering with Pain


Dr. Georgia would like to offer a twenty minute consultation — free of charge.

Free Offer


Free 20 minute in-office consultation to learn how an integrative medicine approach can help you if you’re suffering from chronic pain or illness.

You’re Not Just Your Symptoms


Dr. Georgia understands it’s easy for a physician to see a patient simply as a body that’s broken. In contrast, her intention is to see every person as a whole — and equally able to find health and happiness.

Understanding Pain


It’s important to discern the difference between physical pain and the emotional implications of that pain. Dr. Georgia’s job is to be able to see the difference so she can best serve her patients.

Healing After Cancer


Before medical school, Dr. Georgia trained as a yoga instructor. In this video, she shares an experience of how yoga powerfully helped one of her students heal. Today, Dr. Georgia uses her knowledge and experience when treating people in recovery from cancer.

Examining the Evidence


Integrative medicine is an evidence-based approach combining the best of conventional medicines with evidence-based alternative medicine. Dr. Georgia explains.

You Play a Key Role in Your Own Health


Through our choices for diet, exercise and stress reduction, Dr. Georgia explains how we each play a key role in our own health.

Dr. Georgia Confesses She’s a Nerd…


Watch this video to hear Dr. Georgia talk a bit about her high school days and her favorite sport.

Special Offer


Mindfulness training can be tailored to your group’s needs.

Mindfulness: Learning to be Present with Compassion


Georgia sees Meditation Mindfulness as becoming more aware, training one’s attention, cultivating one’s attitude, learning one’s own responses and one’s own triggers.

Being Present as a Doctor


Dr. Georgia teaches Mindfulness Meditation for physicians — for CME credits, or for stress reduction.

A Cute Vignette About Dr. Georgia


It’s no wonder Dr. Georgia ultimately got into med school. As a child, Georgia Tetlow loved homework!

Integrative Medicine for Wellness and Most Health Conditions


Today, Dr. Georgia focuses her practice on recovery from auto-immune illness, digestion and absorption issues and cancer.  Integrative medicine can benefit many other health conditions.

Teaching Other Physicians About Pain

Tetlow_Georgia_2011-06-17_PAIN_Specialize_Short2_ 03MM

Dr. Georgia shares some of the work she does helping other physicians develop a more holistic approach to pain management for their patients.

The World of Alternative Testing


Dr. Georgia’s integrated approach combining more traditional tests with alternative assessments, provide a much more comprehensive evaluation.

A Specialist in Pain


Dr. Georgia combines her alternative medicine background with her conventional training as a rehabilitation physician to expertly treat pain.