Proactivity and Partnership


In this video, Ernie shares how a typical environmental project requires proactivity and knowledge of how best manage regulatory requirements to find solutions.

Emphasis on Sustainable Methods


From Demolition to Construction, GZA works to improve the environment, while using sustainable methods.

It’s All About Effective Problem Solving


Ernie talks about the clients he helps today. GZA has the financial strength and the people strength to keep clients happy, save money and complete a good project.

Confidence in Creativity Equals Better Results


The creative thinking atmosphere set GZA apart. Clients appreciate the creativity, especially when it leads to better solutions and greater cost savings.

When You Hire Good People, Good Things Happen


Watch this video to hear Ernie share a fun story from his childhood and how that helps him today to hire staff at GZA who are passionate about finding creative solutions.

Getting to Know Ernie Personally


In this video, Ernie Hanna, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager of GZA GeoEnvironmental talks about how he first became interested in this industry and some of the volunteer activities he participates in to mentor young people who might be interested in this line of work.

Smart People Exceptional Results


GZA GeoEnvironmental’s secret to success is the people. They hire very smart. It explains why they’re able to effectively complete so many different types of projects.

Decisions Through Consensus


Ernie shares why his focus on consensus and long-term relationships yields successful projects and results.

Proactive Communication is Key to Keeping Clients Happy


When you work with GZA, you can expect to get clear and constant communication. It’s helpful, especially when your project is complicated. Most important, it makes your life and work easier.

Staying Focused on the Solution


As a kid, Ernie was one of six kids. Things a home could be chaotic, so he learned at an early age how to stay focused. Today, he brings this skill to client projects — keeping everything running smoothing and in control.