Your Relationship with Money

Heidi talks about the problems many of us have with money and how she helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with money.

Heidi Garis MSW, NCTNB, CAC
Success Coach and Money Mojo Expert Tap Into Abundance Now Success Coaching
Work Bucks County PA
Work Phone: 215.453.1418 Skype: heidigaris Website: Tap Into Abundance Now Website Blog: Talk Show Connections Page

Specialties: Creating Success, Financial Prosperity & Abundance with EFT & Meridian Tapping

Creating a life filled with abundance is not usually as simple as sitting on a grassy knoll and visualizing it into existence. We all have limiting beliefs and blocks to creating what we desire most. Using cutting edge techniques such as EFT & Meridian Tapping, I help my clients to identify the blocks and neutralize them, clearing the road for you to more easily and effectively manifest abundance in all aspects of life.

Categories: Professional Coaches, Therapists
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