A Short Demonstration of EFT

Heidi demonstrates how her techniques can overcome the fear of making sales phone calls to prospective customers. Note that this is a shorter version of the clip “A Demonstration of EFT.”

Heidi Garis MSW, NCTNB, CAC
Success Coach and Money Mojo Expert Tap Into Abundance Now Success Coaching
Work Bucks County PA
Work Phone: 215.453.1418 Skype: heidigaris Website: Tap Into Abundance Now Website Blog: Talk Show Connections Page

Specialties: Creating Success, Financial Prosperity & Abundance with EFT & Meridian Tapping

Creating a life filled with abundance is not usually as simple as sitting on a grassy knoll and visualizing it into existence. We all have limiting beliefs and blocks to creating what we desire most. Using cutting edge techniques such as EFT & Meridian Tapping, I help my clients to identify the blocks and neutralize them, clearing the road for you to more easily and effectively manifest abundance in all aspects of life.

Categories: Professional Coaches, Therapists
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