Achieving Your Dreams


Watch this video to hear Joan Reading talk about her clients are successful with conquering their debt.

Harnessing your Dreams


Joan looks to one of history’s great men, Martin Luther King Jr., for help in guiding clients to their goals.

Wants vs Needs


For Joan it’s family and her ability to help others that add up to a rich life. And she keeps a calculator nearby, just in case.

Diverse Background


Joan’s experience as a social worker has broadened her ability to see others for who they are beyond their balance sheets.

Happiness: A Matter of Perspective


From Joan Reading’s vantage point happiness is a matter of focus. And the bluebird of happiness? A humble pigeon.

Did She Say Teepee???


When Joan was growing up, her family often went camping for vacation — which also saved them money. Today, Joan still loves to go camping, but she’s graduated from a tent to a teepee!

Man’s Search For Meaning


Joan’s favorite book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” is a story about hope and future. Here she also talks about not living in the past, and making new history instead.

Words of Encouragement


Simple marching orders for moving toward a brighter tomorrow.



Joan’s most fundamental advice on achieving happiness.

It All Adds Up


One of Joan’s favorite examples of how learning to adjust one’s own priorities is often its own reward. By focusing on simple wasy to reduce your daily expenses, it might just add up to a new vacation.

Life in the Matrix


Have your popcorn ready, Joan reveals her favorite movie and the life lessons that lie just below the surface.



Some of Joan’s best advice is available free at her Web site. Click here to see some of the available information and services.