The Secret to Being in Business Three Generations


Being real, being truthful and keeping your word.

Keeping Customers for Decades


Jack and John stay very involved with their customers. They’re accessible to all.

Philadelphia Boys and Girls Clubs


John shares a story of how Standard Digital helped a large organization, consolidate and streamline their office equipment to help their bottom line.

Far Exceeding Expectations


Jack shares a story about how a former client’s office equipment was damaged by a water pipe breaking. And how Standard Digital won them back by going above and beyond.

Helping the Alzheimer’s Asssociation


John Branka shares a story about one of his favorite charities and “The Walk.”

To Whom it May Concern


In this video Jack Branka shares one of his favorite stories about donating a copier to a religious retreat house.

Winning Customers Time and Again


John and Jack share a story about winning back a client and how they did it.

Jack Talks About How His Father Started the Business in 1945


Remembering the different types of office equipment back then and how the business grew and evolved to where it is today.

Changes in The Office Equipment Industry Over Time


It’s amazing how far this business and technology has come over a few decades. Today it changes so rapidly compared to the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

Keeping Office Equipment Safe


John shares a story about how Standard Digital proactively saved a customer thousands of dollars — by listening and offering to help.

How to Contact Us — And “How Others Have Benefitted”


Here, Jack and John share some laughs about one of their “favorite customers” and a favorite TV show.

Why People Coach


Whether in life or business, once you start coaching, you never stop.

What Coaching is Really About


The best part of coaching happens years after you stop coaching.

American Flag Lapel Pins & Edible Delights


Jack and John Branka enjoy doing little extra things, including spoiling their customers.

Happy at Home and Happy in Business


In this video, Both Jack and John talk about their wives and how they have supported their success.

When Others Volunteer Your Services…


The Brankas and their company do so much for the community that their friends even make commitments on their behalf. Here’s a funny story about one of those instances.

Helping LaSalle University Win


Standard Digital really does go the extra mile. Watch this video to learn how John helped La Salle University win a game — by providing a service they don’t usually provide….

Being There for Customers


Sometimes, to keep a customer up and running, you need to drop everything. Even when you’re on vacation.

Networking to Connect Customers


When you work with Standard Digital, you have Jack and John looking out for your business, in addition to your office equipment. Here’s a story about how Jack and John have introduced customers to each other so they can help each other out.

Spoiling Customers


Watch Jack share a story about how he responded to a customer crisis — over the weekend.

Coaching Football


In this video Jack talks about when he used to coach high school football at St. Joseph’s Prep. He also talks about the experience of coaching Rich Gannon.

Sometimes Helping Customers Gets Personal


In this video, Jack shares a story about how a church pastor once asked him to go car shopping with him. It was definitely outside the scope of their copier service contract.