The Accounting Puzzle


In this video Jo Leung talks about how if you look closely enough, you can see true beauty in numbers…. It’s a puzzle filled with detail, discipline and patterns.

Living The American Dream


Jo Leung is a perfect example of the American Dream. She came to this country and created a successful life — by helping others to succeed in their businesses and their lives.

We’re All In This Together


Melissa talk about how she is sensitive to the needs of the employees who work for her client companies — as well as the other advisors who support her clients.

Technology is Fashionable


In this fun and lighthearted video, Jo shares some “geeky” secrets about herself, her fashion, her technology and her clients.

Solutions and Boundaries


In this video, Jo talks about how she is able to find solutions that are pracitcal — while keeping in mind the boundaries, or lines, that can’t be crossed.

Organization by Pampering


When you work with Jo Leung at Miles Financial Management, expect to experience a calmly balanced approach to the joys of working on your balance sheet.

Motherhood — The Best Teacher


From teaching as a professor of accounting to explaining concept to clients, Jo shares how the motherhood experience taught her how to teach.

Every Client is Unique


Jo talks about how her own experience as a business owner and how it helps her to appreciate and and anticipate their needs.