Inspiring Employees


Jeff Middleton shares one of his secrets to keeping his team of employees motivated and inspired.

If You’re Thinking About Hiring LANTIUM…


Watch this video for a special offer for new customers.

A Business Model for Client Success


Jeff Middleton talks about how providing information technology services as managed services saves companies money and keeps them continually updated with current technologies.

Spicy Food & Air Conditioning


Get to know Jeff a bit more personally in this video — as he shares his appreciation for food and festivities.

International Interests


For those of you who would like to know a few things about Jeff that only his friends know (until now), watch this video to hear about some of Jeff’s international interests.

Favorite Places for Chinese Food


If you know Jeff Middleton, you know that he used to live in China. In this brief clip, Jeff shares his two favorite places in Philly for Chinese food.

A Special Offer


Watch this video to hear a special offer for existing customers.

Playing Jazz Guitar


On a more personal note, Jeff Middleton shares how he first learned to be patient.

The Secret to Technology Success


To be successful with technology, you need to have patience to be able to figure out solutions to problems. For a technology company to be successful, patience needs to be part of the culture. Watch this video to hear Jeff Middleton talk about how and why this is.

Finding Inspiration Through People


In this video Jeff Middleton talks about why he finds people to be his greatest source of inspiration — and how his appreciation for his employees has led to his company’s success.