Persistence, Practicality and Proficiency


If you’re like most business owners, you’d rather be doing just about anything other than your accounting. When you work with Melissa from the Miles Financial Management Team, she knows how to be gently persistent — asking the right questions to uncover the issues and then thinking through possible solutions — to create the correct-fit […]

We’re All In This Together


Melissa talk about how she is sensitive to the needs of the employees who work for her client companies — as well as the other advisors who support her clients.

The Accounting Puzzle


In this video Jo Leung talks about how if you look closely enough, you can see true beauty in numbers…. It’s a puzzle filled with detail, discipline and patterns.

Contributing to the Community


Melissa is committed to serving her community and non-profit organizations with her expertise in accounting

A Practical Passion for Technology


Melissa shares her firm’s perspective on the evolution and importance of technology in accounting. While her firm is technologically ahead of the curve, she is also practical about what makes the most sense for her clients.

Start with the End in Mind


Melissa shares her love of reverse engineering everything — from recipes to business processes.

Not Your Typical Accountants


Miles Financial Management clients will tell you that Melissa and Jo bring a level of sophistication to their clients — that reflects the depth of their experience.

Motherhood and Finance — A Perfect Synergy


Click on the video to watch Melissa talk about how motherhood brought her back to her roots of working with the clients she appreciates most — and who appreciate her most!

Tax Accounting & Results


Melissa talks about the tax accounting experience she acquired prior to founding Miles Financial. She brings this experience to her clients today, to get results.

Teaching Starts Early


Although Melissa might not ever want her brother to find this video, it’s a heartfelt story of Melissa commitment to teaching, sharing and helping others.