“I Wanted to be…”


Learn what Laura wanted to be while growing up and how that led her to her profession.

Passion and Belief


Listen to a testimonial written about Laura and the passion she has for her work.

Having Fun


Learn what Laura likes to do for fun and some fun social opportunities that can be found working with her.

Helping Others


Laura talks about helping a sick friend and other instances of helping others.

Mime Artist


See Laura perform as one of her favorite characters.

The Reward is Wellness


Find out what part of her work Laura finds most rewarding and why.

Sharing Soul Food Along with Nutrition


Being healthy is about more than just nutrition. Because Diane Hedrick views health holistically, she often shares free advice — including the book that helps her stay balanced.

If You’re Thinking About the Herbalife Business Opportunity…


When Diane talks about Herbalife as a business, you can really see how she finds it fulfilling and fun.

What’s a Nutrition Club and Why It Works


Diane Hedrick Talks about the international history of nutrition clubs and what makes them helpful and successful. This is exactly what you experience at Great Valley Nutrition.

Friends & Stories


When Diane Hedrick opened Great Valley Nutrition, she wanted to create a club where people could share stories — so people can be inspired by how others overcame struggles to achieve results and a healthier body.

Better Fitness


Diane Hedrick talks about how Herbalife helped her take her fitness to the next level.

Got My Flat Tummy Back!


Diane Hedrick talks about how she lost 20 pounds after having her children. Because of Herbalife, it was easier than expected.

Big People Games


Most companies don’t create events to reward their employees. But with Herbalife, it’s part of the culture to reward distributors.

The Herbalife Family


Diane Hedrick talks about how becoming an Herbalife distributor gave her confidence to become more extroverted. Because of the supportive social network that the company provides.

My Life’s Purpose


Diane Hedrick talks about how working for Herbalife helps her achieve balance — while helping others to be healthier.

Speaking More Easily


Laura talks about why her voice is deeper than what people may expect and how her product has made speaking easier. She shows off a little of her skill as a mime as well.

What’s a Nutrition Club and Why It’s Right for You


Society is so fast today, it’s sometimes challenging to remember to take care of ourselves and get the nutrition we need. Great Valley Nutrition makes it easy and convenient.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief


Diane Hedrick shares her personal struggle with fibromyalgia and how she overcame the pain.

Weight Management is Easy


Diane Hedrick talks about how, with Herbalife, she can still enjoy her chocolate and manage her weight.