Shy by Nature


What one aspect of Phil’s personality has not only influenced his work but has shaped the way he boldly goes forth capturing the visual spectrum? His shyness, of course!

Above and Beyond


Laura learns that Phil, who’s shy by nature, goes above and beyond when it comes to making his subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Practice With Purpose


Phil practices (and preaches) a philosophy of personal growth that involves, among other things…elephants.

Eye of the Beholder


Phil specializes in natural landscape photography but he’s also a go-to-guy for models’ portfolio portraits. View examples of Phil’s unique ability to capture the beauty of the world around him.

Photography & Fans


Phil Over has some pretty high profile clients that sports fans might recognize. Who are they? Ask your friendly neighborhood cheerleader.

Treating the Journey as Destination


What would Phil Over do if he won the lottery the tomorrow? He’d keep on working! Phil explains how his life shapes his work and vice versa—all to the benefit of his clients.

Evolution of an Artist


Having received his first camera at the age of five, and an SLR model at 8, Phil had mastered “old school” photography while still in grade school. And when digital came along Phil didn’t dither.

Creative Vision: Seeing Life Beyond the Lens


Phil’s success in the visual medium of photography has allowed him to not only visualize a path for himself, but also for his clients.

Beyond the Comfort Zone


It’s New Phil vs Old Phil as Phil describes his 180 degree transformation from high school to college and how that shaped the man he is today.

Phil on life’s “Links”


According to Phil, when your palms are facing each other, they’re working together. And that’s much more than just a hot tip on a golf grip.

In the Beginning, There Was Photography (Extended Version)


Learn the ‘how’s, ‘when’s and ‘why’s behind Phil Over Photography. It’s a story that begins with childhood and continues through today. This is an extended version that combines several shorter video clips.

Tenacity Pays Off (Extended Version)


Phil Over shares some thoughts on how and why he’s able to stay focused and benefit his clients. This is an extended version that combines several shorter video clips.

Dedicated to Performance Improvement (Extended Version)


Watch this video to learn some of Phil’s secrets — about him personally and also the keys to his success. This is an extended version that combines several shorter video clips.