Do You Fit The Ideal Client Profile?


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D. is quite candid about who her clients are and who they are not. Interestingly, if you’re the type of person who is likes tangible results, then you’ll appreciate working with Andrea, because she relates to the focused clients who eagerly respond to, “so what are we going to work […]

The Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Psychologist

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In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., talks about when it’s appropriate for an organization — or individual — to hire a business psychologist vs. a business coach.

It’s All About the Relationship….


Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D. shares insight into what makes a psychologist successful. Whether working with individuals, families, businesses or organizations — while process is important — it always comes down to the relationship. It’s important to have a genuine relationship based on empathy and compassion.

An Overview of What’s in it for You


Here, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., shares how her work benefits individuals and businesses — including, saving people and businesses money.

Could Workplace Conflict be Holding Your Business Back?


For 90% or more of Andrea Delligatti’s clients, her professional mediation and conflict resolution services add dollars directly to the bottom line. Watch this video to learn how. Second on Website

What’s Your Workplace EQ?


EQ, or Emotional Intelligence is a requirement for organizations of the 21st century. When you proactively work on EQ in your organization — you will transform your employees, your organization and ultimately the business — to exceed all expectations.

Precise Assessments Yield Laser Focused Solutions


The quicker you can get to the true cause of the problem, the more money you save, but also the more money you earn — because you, or your organization is running at peak performance.

How to Create Lasting Change


Click to find out the secret to creating lasting change, personally or within an organization. Two hints: Work a process, and embrace optimism within the context of reality.

Do No Harm — What You Need to Know


When you work with a licensed psychologist, you are guaranteed a level of professionalism that comes with the license. Watch to learn why it’s smarter and safer to hire a licensed psychologist to coach you or your organization’s employees.

Difficult Employees? How to Solve Interpersonal Challenges


In business mediation, there are no established best practices. So, to ensure you get the results you need, work with a business psychologist with the expertise to apply existing intervention models in innovative ways to benefit your organization.

How to Accomplish Effective Change


Andrea Delligatti began her professional career as as psychologist in the military. Why is this important for her business clients today? Click on the video to watch. It definitely sets her apart when it comes to measurable results.

Building Organizational Strength


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., talks about winning an award for building organizational strength.

Foundations of Organizational Success


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., discusses how the military paved the way for modern organizational development — and what this means for your company.

Talking with Strangers


Heidi talks about how people bond with her.

Crystals and Incense


Heidi talks about being down to earth and why she doesn’t dance in a circle with crystals and incense.

Down to Earth


Learn a little about Heidi’s upbringing and the types of food that she enjoys.

Making Fear Fun


Heidi talks about how she helps clients transform fear into fun.

Your Relationship with Money


Heidi talks about the problems many of us have with money and how she helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with money.

Natural Abilities


Hear some of the natural abilities that Heidi has and how they help her in her work.

Overcoming Fear


Heidi talks about how she has made fear into fun in her life.



Learn what techniques Heidi has used to help her stop procrastinating.



Heidi talks about the things that cause us to feel compassion and also how the ability to feel compassion for others is an important character trait for someone who is doing the therapeutic work that she does.



Heidi speaks about her clientele and the types of people that request her services.

A Short Demonstration of EFT


Heidi demonstrates how her techniques can overcome the fear of making sales phone calls to prospective customers. Note that this is a shorter version of the clip “A Demonstration of EFT.”

A Demonstration of EFT


Heidi explains how Emotional Freedom Technique, or “EFT” works and demonstrates how it can help clients overcome the fear of call marketing.

Pain Relief


Hear how Heidi relieves physical pain through EFT.

Talk Therapy and EFT


Heidi migrated from traditional “talk therapy” to EFT — to help her clients make the most progress and change possible.

Feeling Worthy


Heidi talks about what helped her to finally feel worthy of the things in her life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques


Listen as Heidi talks about Emotional Freedom Techniques and how they work.

How EFT Works As Business Success Coaching


Heidi talks about her practice’s shift toward EFT and how it has helped her clients.

Therapeutic Techniques


Heidi discusses several of the different therapeutic techniques she uses for her clients and how each one works.

Inspired in Asia


Heidi talks about living in Asia and how it inspired her current career path.

Course to Coaching


Learn about the path that Heidi took to reach her current career.

Teamwork, Sports, Winning and Friends


Here, Christin shares a bit of who she is personally. What she does in her free time (when there is any) and what her friends might say about her.

Connecting with People and Clients


Quickly connecting with people is very helpful when it comes to identifying and solving the issues addressed with coaching. In this short clip, Christin talks about how she connects with people.

Family Business Demands and Rewards


Growing up in a family business comes with high stakes and the need for great commitment. In this video, Christin shares a personal family business experience that moved her and her family half way around the world….

How Long Does Coaching Take?


In this video, Christin discusses how long she will work with her clients in order to help them reach their goals. Click to hear her talk about the process — what to expect and when.

Why the Name Unifi?


When your life, and your work, and your values are all aligned, then you’re much happier, you’re more productive and you’re more engaged in your life as a whole.

Diverse Business Background and Experience


Different work environments come with different experiences. Whether your working for a family business or working for a Fortune 500 company, there are positives and negatives. Click on the video to hear Christin talk about her experiences working for both of these types of the companies — and how to deal with the challenges associated […]

Making the Family Business Fun


In this video, Christin shares how important it is to make work rewarding and even fun. As she demonstrates for herself with her nickname — “Family Biz Chick.”

Gentle Self-Discovery


Christin’s style of gently asking powerful questions isn’t just part of being a coach, it’s part of who she is.

Why Should You Hire a Certified Coach?


In this video, Christin talks about the importance of training and certification for coaches. Natural qualities are important, but there is a lot to learn, too. Best practices for what works best.

Talking to Strangers


Are you the type of person who enjoys meeting someone on the plane? Or do you dread it? Click to hear Christin share a personal story about her husband and herself.