Helping You Get to Where You Want to Go


In this video, Mary’s is talked into bragging a little bit about her husband.  But you’ll be surprised to hear what she encouraged him to do — and how she loves to encourage others.

The Importance of Tenacity


Patty talks about the role of tenacity in real estate and the particular importance it holds in negotiations.

Winning the Selling Game


In this video, Mary shares how her competitiveness in sports translates to why she is one of the top agents in the area.

Making Real Estate Fun


Patty talks about respect for her clients, how she makes buying and selling real estate a fun experience and the importance of contacts for real estate transactions.

Investing Wisely


Find out a little about real estate management and how to choose your investment wisely. This clip is a shorter version of the clip entitled, “Calculating Risks.”

Creatively Staging Homes


Patty discusses the importance of staging homes creatively and how it can help potential buyers feel comfortable.

Details for a Smooth Transaction


Mary talks about unexpected problems that new homeowners may face and how she can help clients avoid those problems.

The Tax Appeal Process


Patty offers a free one hour consultation on the tax appeal process.

If You Think You Can’t Buy a Home…


…Find out how you can.  Mary Robins has a track record for helping people succeed, even when they didn’t think they could.

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize


When Patty was younger, she tenaciously saved dimes for a guitar. It took two years, but it was well worth it.

Working to Help People


We’ve all had someone in our lives who has helped to inspire us to be who we are today.  In this short clip, Mary talks about how she recognized that she needs to be doing work that helps people.

Healing Art Works

Cunningham_Patty_2011-05-13_DEPENDABILITY_ Healing_03MM

Before she was a realtor, Patty helped a friend establish a non-profit organization called Healing Art Works. The program is now operational at several area hospitals and is an example of the commitment that Patty’s clients receive.

Protecting You When You Purchase a Home


The importance of having an Accredited Buyer Representative protect you through the buying process.

Attention to Detail and Creativity


Patty discloses some of the various ways that creativity and attention to detail play into the business of real estate.

Certified as a Residential Specialist


Mary Robins talks about what it takes to become certified as a Residential Specialist.

Creating Entertainment


Learn about Patty’s childhood and the creative ways that she and her siblings would play.

The Importance of Being Organized


Mary shares some tips and tricks for how she stays organized to make the buying and selling process smooth for everyone.

Artistic Interests


Learn what Patty likes to paint, and how the rules of composition can help guide artists in their efforts to create a good piece of artwork.

How to Best Help Seniors When it’s Time to Sell


Click to watch Mary Robins talk about the importance of having the SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) designation.

Free Car Wash Offer


Learn how giving a real estate referral can earn you a free car wash from the local White Glove Car Wash.

Investing in Real Estate


Click to watch Mary Robins talking about how to plan for retirement by leveraging real estate investments.

A $125 Offer


Patty offers a free one-hour in-home staging consultation which is a value of $125 dollars.



Learn Mary’s qualifications, including her designation as a Certified Residential Specialist, and how she effectively markets houses.

Calculating Risks for Real Estate Investors


Mary talks about taking calculated risks and how she helps investors avoid unnecessary risks.

Buying a Home for the First Time?


Click to watch why you should work with Mary Robins when you’re buying your first home.

Resolving Issues


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate.

The Cunningham Children


Patty talks about her children and also shares a bit about her son flying a Chinook helicopter for the Army.  Part of Patty’s business is to work with military families through USAA referrals.

Resolving Issues with the Help of Preferred Service Providers


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate. In this extended clip, she also offers access to her list of tried and true service providers to help build your home team.