The Role Personality Plays in Your Success

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Guy talk about how his optimism put challenges into perspective, so he can focus on his success and the success of others.

From Mentoring to Your Virtual Assitant in a Box

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All of his life, Guy has given back to others through mentoring. He shares some of his experiences here and how today, he’s able to mentor many more people at once, with his new “Your Virtual Assistant in a Box” package. Visit the website for more information.

Hard Work with the Right Help Equals Success

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In this video we debate the importance of hard work versus other paths to success.

From Entrepreneur to Author

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Guy shares how he got is his start as an entrepreneur — and then how that experience evolved into writing 3 books, with more on the way.

Uncover Creativity in the Things You Do Every Day

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In this video, Guy talks about how we all get creativity from the things we do. By being aware of our environment we can identify creative ideas and opportunities every day.

Staying Calm and Relaxed as an Entrepreneur


Guy shares his secret to staying calm and relaxed when you’re a busy entrepreneur. Part of his secret is having the right team in place to support your work and life.

A Best Practice for Managing Your Contacts


Amy Larrimore talks about how to get your address book contacts to automatically update themelves.

Getting To Know Guy More Personally — About Guy’s Kids


Guy talks about his four children, and what makes each of them stand out.

Getting To Know Guy Personally — About Guy’s Wife


Learn about Guy’s wife and hear why they work as a couple.

Paid in Pastries


Guy talks about his relationship with customers and an interesting form of payment he has accepted in the past.

Personal Philosophy & The Importance of Relationships


Guy shares some of his personal philosophy and how it relates to both personal and professional life.

Guy’s First Book Collaboration


Hear Guy discuss his first book collaboration and  what that book is about.  Since then, Guy has published 2 additional books, one is a self-help tech book, “Maybe You Can Do It Yourself — Quick Computer Fixes for the Non Geek” and the other shares one of Guy’s key areas of expertise: “Networking for Business.”

Get Guy’s Book


Get a free autographed copy of any one of Guy’s books — by referring a new customer — or by being a new customer.

Inspiring Employees


Jeff Middleton shares one of his secrets to keeping his team of employees motivated and inspired.

If You’re Thinking About Hiring LANTIUM…


Watch this video for a special offer for new customers.

An Invitation to Connect


Watch this video for a special invitation to connect with Amy — she’s happy to connect you with her contacts that matter to you.

How to Make The Most Money from Your Time


We all know the phrase, “time is money,” but Amy Larrimore works with her clients to implement the “HOW” of making the most money with their time.

Be Inspired by a Little Moxie


Amy Larrimore shares how she got an internationally famous blogger to let her take him out on the town.

A Business Model for Client Success


Jeff Middleton talks about how providing information technology services as managed services saves companies money and keeps them continually updated with current technologies.

Spicy Food & Air Conditioning


Get to know Jeff a bit more personally in this video — as he shares his appreciation for food and festivities.

International Interests


For those of you who would like to know a few things about Jeff that only his friends know (until now), watch this video to hear about some of Jeff’s international interests.

Favorite Places for Chinese Food


If you know Jeff Middleton, you know that he used to live in China. In this brief clip, Jeff shares his two favorite places in Philly for Chinese food.

A Special Offer


Watch this video to hear a special offer for existing customers.

Playing Jazz Guitar


On a more personal note, Jeff Middleton shares how he first learned to be patient.

The Secret to Technology Success


To be successful with technology, you need to have patience to be able to figure out solutions to problems. For a technology company to be successful, patience needs to be part of the culture. Watch this video to hear Jeff Middleton talk about how and why this is.

Finding Inspiration Through People


In this video Jeff Middleton talks about why he finds people to be his greatest source of inspiration — and how his appreciation for his employees has led to his company’s success.

Why Is It That Geeks Like Sci-Fi


Guy talks about his favorite TV shows, and what makes them entertaining.

Dinner and a Movie


Learn how you can earn a dinner and movie package from Guy.

Changing the Parameters


Learn how Guy used a moment from Star Trek to help solve a customer’s problem.

Offers for Businesses and Residents


Guy makes a special offer to both business customers and residential customers.  This offer applies to New Philadelphia Area Business customers and all new residential customers.

Juggling Clients


Guy reveals his secret to helping multiple customers that are in need of his services at the same time.