The Importance of Lighting on Set — OR, Why We Don’t Go On-Location

People often ask me if we could do their video interview on location at their office. The short answer is, “If you want to look absolutely amazing on camera — that is, better than you ever thought you could look — then the answer is, I’m sorry, but no.”

One thing that every one of our clients says is, “Wow, I can’t believe I look soooo good!” My response is now, always, an anti-climactic, “Yeah, everybody says that. It’s why it takes us an hour and a half to set up the lighting before each shoot.” After a pause, I then laugh and say, “It’s why I look better on camera than in person!”

When it comes to looking absolutely amazing on video, lighting is everything. Of course, makeup also helps, but to make you glow, you need the exact right light, with the right angles and brightness.  We’ve learned from experience that people aren’t happy sharing their videos unless they’re happy with how they look.  So it’s a priority for us.

[Additional Note]

After publishing this post, my crew busted my chops for not mentioning the importance of audio, as well.

One of the “rules” of video production is that “people will watch bad video, but people won’t watch bad audio.”  It’s very true — and I really was remiss to not have mentioned all the challenges we’ve had with ensuring the quality of our audio.  In our first location, if a delivery truck drove by, we would have to cut and retake.  If someone accidentally slammed a door down the hall, we would have to cut and retake.  And so on and so on.

We use very sensitive lapel microphones because we want to be able to capture more than the volume and intonation in your voice.  We want to capture the emotion in your voice.  So your viewers feel your sincerity and your commitment to your work.  It all goes back to how and why we specialize in producing video that makes your viewers trust you and feel connected to you.