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Talk Show Connections

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Talk Show Connections
Earning your customers’ business is a four-part equation:

Know You + Like You + Trust You = Buy From You

With this in mind, we create strategic video marketing content to convert your prospects into clients

And, we have the research to prove our methodology works! 

How You'll Benefit from Working with Talk Show Connections
Make Your Prospects Pick Up the Phone and Call You
Prospects looking for you online are 300% more likely to pick up the phone to call you when you have a video — starring yourself in the “About Us” section of your website. 

This is true for B-to-B and B-to-C.  Because people buy from people they like and trust. 

Get a jump on your competition, and attract the prospects who want to work with you, personally. 
Make Your Phone Conversations Memorable
How do you make sure that new prospect you just talked to on the phone chooses to work with you

Make them remember you — as if they met you in person. 

Choose one of your videos that speaks to their interests and concerns. 

Then simply email it to them with a brief cover note thanking them for their call. 
Help Your Prospects Find You on the Internet
Video is the easiest and most effective way to improve your search engine rankings. 

And the best part is it doesn’t require constantly “gaming” the system — with soon-to-be outdated search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. 

Instead, be smarter. Make sure the next time Google changes their search ranking algorithm,  your website is protected.
Enhance Your Social Media with Perfect Content
Your prospects and clients expect you to be on social media.  But as a successful business person, finding the time can be a challenge. 

Our program packages give you all the social media content you need. 

We help you share professional and personal stories, so you motivate your prospects subconsciously — where real buying decisions are made.
Examples & Case Studies
Real People, Real Business Success
  • Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself!  
  • Click on any of the videos below to play it in your web browser.  
  • Today, all videos are filmed on our new set, as seen in the first video below.  
  • But the older videos here are classics, showcasing strategic content worth sharing! 
Bonding with Kirk, a Funeral Director
When I began working with Kirk, I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  He wanted help answering, “What made you decide to become a funeral director?”  While interviewing him, we found the answer. It's his appreciation for history — and wanting to honor those who made our history. 
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Making a Tech Franchise Owner Personable
Who do you want helping you with your computer? For Guy Dunn, who owns a Geeks on Call franchise, his prospective customers want a more personal touch. So we needed to create a conversation to show Guy's personal commitment to clients.  This video has a huge ROI — and I'm only counting the people I've personally referred by sharing it! 
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Dr. Georgia Tetlow Addresses Root Causes
Here's a professionally focused video showing you how much Dr. Georgia Tetlow, M.D. cares about her patients — as whole people. In addition to being a great doctor, she's a great person. Her professionalism and compassion truly show here. 
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Georgia's Personal Story
We also create “get to know you personally” videos.  At 14 years old, Georgia was sent away to boarding school — kicking and screaming. Watch to find out why this turned out to be one of the best things that happened to her. Any why she's so approachable and respectful toward her clients today. 
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Trust Beverly to Care for Your Aging Parent
Beverly Bernstein Joie owns one of Philly’s top 100 women-owned businesses, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal. In this video she shares what motivated her to found a business focused on caring for the elderly and those with chronic health issues. 
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Why We Do It
You Need Video to Stay Competitive
People are telling you that you must have video for your business, and that you need to star in that video. But unless you’ve had years of training as a professional actor — it’s really hard to look your best on video. 

Plus, what are you going to say?  Who will give you “permission” to brag? 

When you go through our turnkey process, being on camera becomes much easier.  Even fun! 

Think about your video the way you think about your professional headshot. You want to look, and sound, your best. 
One of a Kind, One Point of Contact
As far as we know, no other company in the world is doing what we’re doing — in the turnkey way we’re doing it. 

There are plenty of video production companies that produce video. There are plenty of public relations firms that copy write talking points. There are plenty of marketing firms that will build you a video channel. But what if you want one point of contact — to make it easy for you — by doing it all? That’s how Talk Show Connections is different. 

Our clients chose us because we offer more. More personal attention and more strategic insight. So you have more confidence on camera. 
Americans Love Talk Shows
When we created Talk Show Connections, we contracted a demographically diverse group of survey responders to score the different ways "ordinary people" could "sell" themselves on video. We learned: 

1) People like you most when you are interviewed on camera, along with your interviewer. 

2) Your second best option is to respond to interview questions without an interviewer on camera. 

3) You're liked least when you talk at the camera alone. 

Watching you on a talk show makes your prospects feel like they are participating in your conversation. 
What You Get
How We Do It
We listen to you. In a way that helps you articulate things about yourself and your business that you’ve never said before. 

The skill we bring to you — through your interviews — is to show your viewers why you're the best at what you do.  Based on who you are!

We've got years of experience interviewing people to figure out how to sell products and services.  It shows. 

What's Included & Our Process — Start to Finish

Strategy & Content Development — 10+ Hours
1) With proprietary tools, I work directly with you to identify why you’re so good at what you do. And what your competitive advantages are. This is where all the “real” interviewing happens. 

2) Through this process, we discuss a series of creative concepts.  We determine how to best position you, your character traits and your business — to make your prospective customers feel like they know you, like you, trust you and want to do business with you. 

3) From that, I author a multi-page, strategic document filled with creative concepts. You or your marketing / advertising firm can use this content to update your web site or create blog posts. 

4) Then, we decide which concepts to highlight in your videos. I help you to focus, but the final decision is yours. That way, you get exactly what you want and need. 

5) I copy write your video scripts. All of the questions I'll ask you, and all of your answers. Each video is built on two questions and two answers — so we stay within our time goals. Each of your answers has between four and seven key points. 

6) We also determine what photographs or other video (B-roll) we're going to add to your videos. We plan this in advance so it's perfectly placed, when complete. 

7) As an additional service, we're able to help you with any necessary compliance review. If you're a Financial Advisor, Attorney or Medical Practitioner — we've got years of experience here. Because all of our content is scripted in advance, you're able to run it through compliance before you get on camera. 
Media & Camera Coaching — 5+ Hours
8) We work together, one-to-one to refine and rehearse your script. One thing you'll notice about my work is that none of my clients sound "scripted." Although every single conversation, in fact, is scripted to the exact words. 

9) We practice other applications for your scripts. For example, sharing your stories in sales presentations. And at networking events. 

10) You learn the specifics of posture, head placement, eye contact, voice intonation, pitch variation and smiling while talking. So you develop your best on-camera presence. You also learn tips and techniques for clothing and make up. 

11) You get individualized camera coaching. Both in person and via web-cam videoconference — so you can see your progress. You learn the secrets to being charismatic. And we practice everything so you recall it when you need it
In-Studio Production — 1+ Hour
12) We film your conversations on set in our studio. With more than $40,000 of equipment and lighting working for you, you know you're going to look great! 

13) We also have a process in place that makes sure you get your lines right. And we cut, slate and re-take your answers until you nail it. 

14) To ensure that our editor knows which takes are your best, our script supervisor logs everything you say on set — noting exactly which takes are your best ones so they make it into your final videos. 
Video Editing, Review and Re-Editing — 10+ Hours
15) In post production, our editors color-correct your video footage and clean your audio recordings so you look, and sound crystal clear in your videos.

16) Of course, we edit your video footage to include your best takes. (Thank goodness our script supervisor noted these during your production session!) 

17) Then, we review your videos with you — in person — to get your approvals and make any change requests. 
Building Your Online Video Channels —5+ Hours
18) We build for you, two channels on the Talk Show Connections website. One is private and password protected. This is where we keep your drafts while in review. Your other channel is your public channel. This is fully indexed by Google and other search engines — so when a prospect is trying to find someone providing your services, your videos rise to the top of the list. 

19) Within your channel, each video gets its own page. We copy write for you a headline and introduction copy for each video. You also get to review and approve this before it goes live. 

20) Your other videos are also featured along the side of each page. Note that only your videos will appear on your pages. Unlike other video sites, our site will never redirect your viewers to your competition. 

21) You also get a "Virtual Business Card" on each video page. Here you share your contact information, links to your website and connections to your social media venues. 

22) One of the best features on our site is the ability for your — or any visitor — to share your videos via email and social media. Simply click on the buttons above or below your video and it will create a message that's ready to publish. 

23) Finally, we can enable or disable the comments or conversations on each video page. We review every comment submitted before publishing it for you. You can also choose to change your comment preference, or delete a comment, at any time. 
Video Hosting & Support — 2+ Years
24) One thing you'll notice is the audio and visual quality of our videos is exceptional. Much higher than what you see just about anywhere else. That's because we're not trying to cram millions of videos on our servers. It's also because we spent two years of trial and error (and four different top-tier vendors) before we settled in where we are. Currently all of our video is hosted on servers just outside Hollywood, CA — by a company that caters exclusively to the film industry. 

25) Your channels on the Talk Show Connections web site are provided free of charge for two years from the date your videos are complete. Plus, for every 6 conversations you film, you get to choose one video to be featured on the front page of our web site. 

26) Our website has pages of how-to guides for leveraging and sharing your videos. From strategic planning to tactical execution, we give you the ideas and tools you need to make the most of your videos. 
Packages Available
Strategy, Content Development & Camera Coaching
If you're going to be on radio or TV and you need help with what to say, call us. 

We'll take you through the same intensive preparation process. That includes writing your scripts and rehearsing with you.

Plus, you'll get all the notes — in writing — so you can also use your new content for your website, blog or print advertising copy. 

Look for our clients on Shark Tank and other national shows!
Six Video Package with Strategy, Content Development & Camera Coaching
You get all the individualized attention outlined in the chart above and in the column on the left. And more. 

After your session on camera, you'll get 6, videos — each one running from one to three minutes in length. 

You'll also choose one video to be featured on the front page of the Talk Show Connections website. Our website is busy with visitors looking for services. 
Twelve Video Package with Strategy, Content Development & Camera Coaching
You get everything covered above and to the left — plus additional consulting time to create content for six more videos. That's 12 videos total. 

You also get two on-camera sessions. We review your first session's videos in between. So you perform even better your second time on camera. 

Chose two videos to feature on the front page of our website. Videos are featured, using randomization, for one year. 

Talk Show Connections
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