Teamwork, Sports, Winning and Friends


Here, Christin shares a bit of who she is personally. What she does in her free time (when there is any) and what her friends might say about her.

Connecting with People and Clients


Quickly connecting with people is very helpful when it comes to identifying and solving the issues addressed with coaching. In this short clip, Christin talks about how she connects with people.

Family Business Demands and Rewards


Growing up in a family business comes with high stakes and the need for great commitment. In this video, Christin shares a personal family business experience that moved her and her family half way around the world….

How Long Does Coaching Take?


In this video, Christin discusses how long she will work with her clients in order to help them reach their goals. Click to hear her talk about the process — what to expect and when.

Why the Name Unifi?


When your life, and your work, and your values are all aligned, then you’re much happier, you’re more productive and you’re more engaged in your life as a whole.

Diverse Business Background and Experience


Different work environments come with different experiences. Whether your working for a family business or working for a Fortune 500 company, there are positives and negatives. Click on the video to hear Christin talk about her experiences working for both of these types of the companies — and how to deal with the challenges associated […]

Making the Family Business Fun


In this video, Christin shares how important it is to make work rewarding and even fun. As she demonstrates for herself with her nickname — “Family Biz Chick.”

Gentle Self-Discovery


Christin’s style of gently asking powerful questions isn’t just part of being a coach, it’s part of who she is.

Why Should You Hire a Certified Coach?


In this video, Christin talks about the importance of training and certification for coaches. Natural qualities are important, but there is a lot to learn, too. Best practices for what works best.

Talking to Strangers


Are you the type of person who enjoys meeting someone on the plane? Or do you dread it? Click to hear Christin share a personal story about her husband and herself.