What Clients Like Best About Us

It may sound strange, but virtually every of our clients will tell you that the best part of producing Talk Show Connections videos is the process leading up to producing your videos.

Why is that?

1) We use a market research interviewing approach.  This means that by going through our process, you learn a whole new set of messaging tools to sell yourself and your business.  To read more about how market research interviewing is different from media interviewing, click here.

2) Our process is tailored exclusively to you.  Clients describe our process as an intensive, individualized sales boot camp.  Why?  Because after we create your new selling/messaging points, you get a written script — that uses words, phrases and talking points you’re comfortable using.

You then get to rehearse with your coach, over and over, until you are completely comfortable saying it.  So comfortable that you start to use it in your every day sales calls and business networking.Your stories are fun to share.  People want to listen to them because they’re interesting.  But more important than that, people want to listen to them because they don’t feel like they’re listening to a hard-sell.

3)  You become more charismatic.  Some people think that charisma is something you’re either born with, or not.  That’s simply not true.  There are some basic on-camera techniques that you learn through our camera coaching process that make you more charismatic.  Both on camera — at every future opportunity you have — and off camera, every day.  Our process includes a type of camera coaching designed for big-company CEOs or politicians.

4) All of this work combined results in the same thing, over and over.  Our clients tell us:

“After going through this process, I’ve have my best sales month (or quarter) EVER!”

Once you go through our process, it’s easy to understand why.