What Is Personality-Based Success?

Talk Show Connections was founded on the philosophy of what we call “Personality-Based Success.”  In a nutshell, this means that if your line of work matches who you are — at a core level — people are going to want to do business with you.

When I’m speaking before a group of people on this topic, I’ll often use myself as an example.  As soon as someone sees me stand in front of a group, they immediately form preconceived ideas about who I am.  This is just what people do.  If I then go on to tell them that I’m in a line of work that matches these preconceived notions, I have instant credibility.  If, alternatively, I tell them I’m in a line of work that “just doesn’t seem to make sense” I instantaneously lack credibility.

My parents really wanted me to be an attorney when I was growing up.  I was pretty convinced — until I got to college and realized I really didn’t like the coursework for it.  But even today, people meeting me for the first time at an event will often assume I’m an attorney.  It’s really weird.  I think it’s because my “energy” says I’m  a no-nonsense person who is a little nerdy and probably thinks too much.  Plus, I dress in business suits and I use a few too many old-fashioned sentence structures when I speak.  So, if we were in a lead referral group together, and I was the attorney for the group, you’d probably feel comfortable referring business to me.

Conversely, if I told you I was a truck driver….  Well, ummm, you’re probably going to feel a disconnect because we don’t visualize truck drivers dressing and speaking the same way an attorney is supposed to dress and speak.  Forget the fact that I always thought it would be cool to drive a truck back and forth, cross country while listening to books on tape.  But that might sound ridiculous for you to believe reading it here.  Right?!!

So.  When you’re doing work that matches your personality, doors will automatically open for you.

And this is another reason Talk Show Connections works.  It’s because we create interview content that showcases this part of your personality.  So your viewers get — on a subconscious level — why you’re good at what you do.