Why We Use Market Research (vs. Media) Interviewing Techniques

Market research interviewing is VERY different from media interviewing.  Media interviewers develop an amazing ability to sensationalize an already enticing story to keep you glued to the screen.

Market research interviewers do what we call “identifying the unknowns” so we figure out exactly what will make a product sell — both consciously and subconsciously/subliminally.

It take years of training to become a professional market research interviewer.  If you ever worked for a large company that does focus groups regularly, you’ll notice how the interviewers on the most important projects have at least 15 years of experience doing this kind of work.  There’s a reason for that.

Take the pharmaceutical industry, for example.  As an industry, they’re the biggest single consumer of market research interviewing.  Why? Because they only have one chance to launch a drug successfully.  The average new drug costs over $1 billion to bring to market.  Those companies can’t afford to miscommunicate what is going to sell that drug to physicians and their patients.  So how do they guarantee they do it right?  They hire market research interviewers to talk to physicians and patients to figure out what exactly it is that makes this product stand above the competition.

Identifying those selling points isn’t easy.  Especially considering that the competition is usually a product that has already been on the market for years and has a proven safety track record.  Plus, that competition may already be available as a generic, which means it’s a fraction of the cost.  Finally, there is the FDA, which limits what you can say about drugs.

Remember the famous allergy medicine commercial on TV that showed flowing wheat fields? It was brilliant because it said nothing — and yet it said all that it needed to say.  In a way that wouldn’t upset the FDA.  It was the result of market research interviewing — and how it can be used to create effective subconscious messaging.

Because we apply market research interviewing techniques, we’re able to make every one of our clients and their products shine.  With interesting, compelling, fun or exciting stories.

It’s what we’ve trained for years to do.