Why You Should Share Video On Your Website

Video on your website is an important tool for search engine optimization. But more important than that, it is a conversion tool for your prospects. In today’s world, anyone who has the desire to spend a significant amount of money is going to research you and your company online before they buy from you.

When you have video on your website — in which YOU are the star in the video — your prospective customers or clients will move you to the top of the short list of the people who actually get the phone call. You building rapport with your prospective customers on your website is the single most effective tool for converting a lead to a qualified prospect.

Why? Because people who come to your website are already looking for a provider of the services you offer. They have already pre-qualified themselves and they are looking for a reason to contact you.

When you’re deciding what type of videos to share, never underestimate the power of a smile. If you share something on video that makes your viewer warmly smile, you’ve made a connection! You’re now that much closer to your prospect feeling like they know you. Their smile made them like you. We all want to do business with people we know and like.

I recommend to people that they try making their first videos themselves, with their computer’s video cam.  It’s really good practice, and you will most likely get at least one good video you can upload and share.  Even if it’s just your usual 30-second commercial you do at networking events.  Then, when you’re ready to create a series of videos with strategic messaging content — and also learn about posture, charisma and voice modulation on camera, you’ll have a foundation from which you’ll learn faster.

When you work with a video coach, you’ll learn how to make people think they met you — when in fact, they’ve only seen your video.

Our clients tell us people have approached them in public saying, “Hey, how have you been?!” — and then realizing that they never actually met, but that they watched their video on Talk Show Connections.

When you do it right, it’s that powerful.