Amounts and Payments


Sales are based on a per-conversation (or character trait) basis.  The client can split filming these conversations across multiple shoots or do them all at once.

Amount for one guest on set* Number of Character Trait Conversations Recorded Footage** Approximate minutes of completed video Approximate number of completed clips***
$3000 1 30 minutes 9 6
$4000 2 1 hour 18 12
$5000 3 1.5 hours 27 18

*Add $1000 if 2 guests will be on set at the same time.
*Add $1000 if your video requires passing a legal or compliance review.
**Sessions can be scheduled across mulitiple days for an additional $100 per day.
***Each clip typically includes 2 questions and answers.


Payment can be made one of two ways

  1. 50% up front and 50% on the day of the shoot
  2. 1/3 up front, 1/3 on the day of the shoot and 1/3 after uploading the draft videos to the TSC servers and client draft page.