Using “WHY?” to Captivate Your Prospects

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In just 90 seconds, Dave helps you shift your sales messages from “what-ness” to “why-ness.” See for yourself the difference this can make with prospects.

The Success System that Works


Mark and Mike talk about how to build a business model that leads to success.

The Team at Mugshots & Making Perfect Espresso Drinks


Angie and her team at Mugshots are passionate — about coffee, about local food, and about making a difference. The people who work at Mugshots are well-trained. Watch the end of this video to see how to make a perfect espresso drink.

The Quality Enablement Methodology Revealed


Watch this video for an overview of the framework — from the why to the how — and a three-dimensional visual representation.

The Ultimate Men’s Experience


The #1 thing new clients say about Henry A. Davidsen is that they couldn’t have expected such an experience — because it doesn’t exist anywhere else. The depth of knowledge, level of service, the private fitting studio and now the barber shop — is what keeps clients coming back time and again. Just remember, what […]

You Deserve Extra Attention, The Henry A. Davidsen Way….


As image consultants, Brian and his team at Henry A. Davidsen go deeper than the outer shell of the clothing. They help you achieve your aspirations and goals with a 360 degree look at your best self.

The Impact of Direct Trade in Coffee


In this video, Angie shares what direct trade is, and why it’s a big deal. Working with Counter Culture, Mugshots has made a positive impact on the lives of the people who farm their coffee.

JP Warner Background & Focus


In this video, Jon shows a more personal side — talking about his love for education, his experience as a ski instructor while in college, and everything that was going on when he started Warner Benefits.

Year End Greetings!


I hope you enjoy watching this video. Rather than a text message, we thought you’d enjoy a more personal message. Please let us know if you like it. Best wishes for 2014.

Basic Principles for Success


Mark Victor Hansen talks about his personal secret to success. From being the number one best selling non-fiction author — to helping others become more successful. Click to learn how.

Life Philosophy


Mark Victor Hansen talks about the 4 ways that people change for the better — or transform — and how to leverage this to become successful in your life, love, and career today.

To Whom It May Concern (Redirect)

Keeping Customers for Decades


Jack and John stay very involved with their customers. They’re accessible to all.

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The Secret to Being in Business Three Generations


Being real, being truthful and keeping your word.

Making a Million Millionaires


Mark Victor Hansen, the number one best selling non-fiction author of all time — is partnered with Mike Krach to bring opportunity and success to millions of people.

Proactivity and Partnership


In this video, Ernie shares how a typical environmental project requires proactivity and knowledge of how best manage regulatory requirements to find solutions.

Coaching Basketball, Teamwork & Strategy


Litigating cases requires strategy and teamwork. Where did Dave build these skills?

Dave’s Energy Drink


Why is Dave so embarrassed to tell this story? Click to watch and find out.

Rejected for Employment — A Story of Courtroom Applause


Dave believes that people should get second chances. He’ll never forget this case. It’s a heartwarming story of America and what is possible for people to achieve.

Personal Experiences Why Dave Relates to You as His Client

Koller_Dave_2013-08-02_RESPECTFUL_Transition_03MM thumbnail

In this short video, Dave talks about two life changing experiences — from his own life — that helps him relate to what you’re going through when life isn’t easy.

Precise Assessments Yield Laser Focused Solutions


The quicker you can get to the true cause of the problem, the more money you save, but also the more money you earn — because you, or your organization is running at peak performance.

How to Create Lasting Change


Click to find out the secret to creating lasting change, personally or within an organization. Two hints: Work a process, and embrace optimism within the context of reality.

Do No Harm — What You Need to Know


When you work with a licensed psychologist, you are guaranteed a level of professionalism that comes with the license. Watch to learn why it’s smarter and safer to hire a licensed psychologist to coach you or your organization’s employees.

Difficult Employees? How to Solve Interpersonal Challenges


In business mediation, there are no established best practices. So, to ensure you get the results you need, work with a business psychologist with the expertise to apply existing intervention models in innovative ways to benefit your organization.

How to Accomplish Effective Change


Andrea Delligatti began her professional career as as psychologist in the military. Why is this important for her business clients today? Click on the video to watch. It definitely sets her apart when it comes to measurable results.

Building Organizational Strength


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., talks about winning an award for building organizational strength.

Foundations of Organizational Success


In this video, Andrea Delligatti, Ph.D., discusses how the military paved the way for modern organizational development — and what this means for your company.

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Koller body copy here.

The Role Personality Plays in Your Success

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Guy talk about how his optimism put challenges into perspective, so he can focus on his success and the success of others.

From Mentoring to Your Virtual Assitant in a Box

Dunn_Guy_2013-03-29_MENTORING_06MM thumbnail

All of his life, Guy has given back to others through mentoring. He shares some of his experiences here and how today, he’s able to mentor many more people at once, with his new “Your Virtual Assistant in a Box” package. Visit the website for more information.

Hard Work with the Right Help Equals Success

Dunn_Guy_2013-03-29_HARDWORKING_06MM thumbnail

In this video we debate the importance of hard work versus other paths to success.

From Entrepreneur to Author

Dunn_Guy_2013-03-29_CREDIBLE_06MM thumbnail

Guy shares how he got is his start as an entrepreneur — and then how that experience evolved into writing 3 books, with more on the way.

Uncover Creativity in the Things You Do Every Day

Dunn_Guy_2013-03-29_CREATIVE_06MM thumbnail

In this video, Guy talks about how we all get creativity from the things we do. By being aware of our environment we can identify creative ideas and opportunities every day.

Attention to Detail


Watch this video to learn what sets Robert’s images apart from others’ — and how he achieves client satisfaction.

Top 3 Secrets to Success


In this video, Robert shares his top 3 secrets to success as a commercial — and artistic — photographer. Watch to hear a few surprises….

Is Being a Funeral Director an Unusual Career Choice?


Watch this video to see how Kirk responds to this very direct question. You’ll see what being in his line of work means to him.

Staying Calm and Relaxed as an Entrepreneur


Guy shares his secret to staying calm and relaxed when you’re a busy entrepreneur. Part of his secret is having the right team in place to support your work and life.

Technology is Fashionable


In this fun and lighthearted video, Jo shares some “geeky” secrets about herself, her fashion, her technology and her clients.

Solutions and Boundaries


In this video, Jo talks about how she is able to find solutions that are pracitcal — while keeping in mind the boundaries, or lines, that can’t be crossed.

Tax Accounting & Results


Melissa talks about the tax accounting experience she acquired prior to founding Miles Financial. She brings this experience to her clients today, to get results.

Every Client is Unique


Jo talks about how her own experience as a business owner and how it helps her to appreciate and and anticipate their needs.

Start with the End in Mind


Melissa shares her love of reverse engineering everything — from recipes to business processes.

Teaching Starts Early


Although Melissa might not ever want her brother to find this video, it’s a heartfelt story of Melissa commitment to teaching, sharing and helping others.

Style Sheet Headers

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Free Car Wash Offer


Learn how giving a real estate referral can earn you a free car wash from the local White Glove Car Wash.

The Cunningham Children


Patty talks about her children and also shares a bit about her son flying a Chinook helicopter for the Army.  Part of Patty’s business is to work with military families through USAA referrals.

Making Real Estate Fun


Patty talks about respect for her clients, how she makes buying and selling real estate a fun experience and the importance of contacts for real estate transactions.

Having Fun


Learn what Laura likes to do for fun and some fun social opportunities that can be found working with her.

Helping Others


Laura talks about helping a sick friend and other instances of helping others.

The Reward is Wellness


Find out what part of her work Laura finds most rewarding and why.

Smile When You Say That!


Kevin’s philosophy of valuing fun over fancy is the basis for his success. It’s also inspired a terrifically taxing tongue twister!

Calling All Purple People!


Kevin describes a unique employment offer.

Party Like You’re Getting Paid


Kevin and the Purple Picnic People take care of everything for your party, so you can simply enjoy yourself.

Cooking Up a Rewarding Career


Kevin’s home-spun advice is the perfect recipe for mixing business with pleasure.

From Brown Bag to Putting Green


Kevin’s successful career in hospitality has taken him from a summer job in a restaurant to managing the food and beverage needs of a world-class golf course.

A Sandwich and a Snooze


Kevin recalls how back-breaking labor at the age of 14 helped set him on the right path.

Fibromyalgia Main Redirect

The Building Blocks of Success


  During a Green Roots Discovery Day, Angela and her team work with you to define the building blocks that come together that make your small business successful.  When she coaches her clients she keeps it fun and entertaining because if clients are engaged, generating ideas is like solving a puzzle.

Training the Brain


Whether touring a factory floor or examining a marketing strategy, Angela likes taking a look behind the scenes.  She’s learned that analyzing how things are made often reveals how ideas are born.

Focusing on the “How” Manifests the Why


Angela trains her clients (and raises her kids) the same way she was brought up: by cultivating a curiosity for learning from the world around them.

Getting To Know Guy More Personally — About Guy’s Kids


Guy talks about his four children, and what makes each of them stand out.

Getting To Know Guy Personally — About Guy’s Wife


Learn about Guy’s wife and hear why they work as a couple.

Paid in Pastries


Guy talks about his relationship with customers and an interesting form of payment he has accepted in the past.

Personal Philosophy & The Importance of Relationships


Guy shares some of his personal philosophy and how it relates to both personal and professional life.

Guy’s First Book Collaboration


Hear Guy discuss his first book collaboration and  what that book is about.  Since then, Guy has published 2 additional books, one is a self-help tech book, “Maybe You Can Do It Yourself — Quick Computer Fixes for the Non Geek” and the other shares one of Guy’s key areas of expertise: “Networking for Business.”

Get Guy’s Book


Get a free autographed copy of any one of Guy’s books — by referring a new customer — or by being a new customer.

The Advantages of Working with a Benefits Advisor


In this video Cheryl Lagunilla talks about why it makes sense to work with a benefits advisor for your business — there is no additional cost, but there are many additional benefits.

Talking with Strangers


Heidi talks about how people bond with her.

Crystals and Incense


Heidi talks about being down to earth and why she doesn’t dance in a circle with crystals and incense.

Down to Earth


Learn a little about Heidi’s upbringing and the types of food that she enjoys.

Making Fear Fun


Heidi talks about how she helps clients transform fear into fun.

Your Relationship with Money


Heidi talks about the problems many of us have with money and how she helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with money.

Natural Abilities


Hear some of the natural abilities that Heidi has and how they help her in her work.

Overcoming Fear


Heidi talks about how she has made fear into fun in her life.



Learn what techniques Heidi has used to help her stop procrastinating.



Heidi talks about the things that cause us to feel compassion and also how the ability to feel compassion for others is an important character trait for someone who is doing the therapeutic work that she does.



Heidi speaks about her clientele and the types of people that request her services.

Simple and Inexpensive Advice


Vince gives advice that can help clients protect their children if something happens to them.

Inspiring Employees


Jeff Middleton shares one of his secrets to keeping his team of employees motivated and inspired.

If You’re Thinking About Hiring LANTIUM…


Watch this video for a special offer for new customers.

Helping You Get to Where You Want to Go


In this video, Mary’s is talked into bragging a little bit about her husband.  But you’ll be surprised to hear what she encouraged him to do — and how she loves to encourage others.

Winning the Selling Game


In this video, Mary shares how her competitiveness in sports translates to why she is one of the top agents in the area.

Dr. Georgia Addresses Root Causes


Rather than band-aiding symptoms, Dr. Georgia heals by addressing root causes, a truly integrative medical approach.

Helping Someone by Being Present with Them


Dr. Georgia learned early in life that being present with others, and really listening, could help them get unstuck.

Dr. Georgia Helps You When Others Can’t


A true story of how Dr. Georgia Tetlow’s mindfulness meditation training helped the CEO of a large corporation. This person said, “I can’t do this,” but then went on to develop a successful daily mind body practice.

A Business Model for Client Success


Jeff Middleton talks about how providing information technology services as managed services saves companies money and keeps them continually updated with current technologies.

Spicy Food & Air Conditioning


Get to know Jeff a bit more personally in this video — as he shares his appreciation for food and festivities.

International Interests


For those of you who would like to know a few things about Jeff that only his friends know (until now), watch this video to hear about some of Jeff’s international interests.

Favorite Places for Chinese Food


If you know Jeff Middleton, you know that he used to live in China. In this brief clip, Jeff shares his two favorite places in Philly for Chinese food.

A Special Offer


Watch this video to hear a special offer for existing customers.

Playing Jazz Guitar


On a more personal note, Jeff Middleton shares how he first learned to be patient.

The Secret to Technology Success


To be successful with technology, you need to have patience to be able to figure out solutions to problems. For a technology company to be successful, patience needs to be part of the culture. Watch this video to hear Jeff Middleton talk about how and why this is.

Finding Inspiration Through People


In this video Jeff Middleton talks about why he finds people to be his greatest source of inspiration — and how his appreciation for his employees has led to his company’s success.

Creating Entertainment


Learn about Patty’s childhood and the creative ways that she and her siblings would play.

The Importance of Tenacity


Patty talks about the role of tenacity in real estate and the particular importance it holds in negotiations.

The Tax Appeal Process


Patty offers a free one hour consultation on the tax appeal process.

Resolving Issues


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate.

Resolving Issues with the Help of Preferred Service Providers


Patty talks about the importance of knowing who to call to solve the variety of issues that may arise in real estate. In this extended clip, she also offers access to her list of tried and true service providers to help build your home team.

Healing Art Works

Cunningham_Patty_2011-05-13_DEPENDABILITY_ Healing_03MM

Before she was a realtor, Patty helped a friend establish a non-profit organization called Healing Art Works. The program is now operational at several area hospitals and is an example of the commitment that Patty’s clients receive.