We’re Complimentary vs. Competitive with Social Media Firms


  • Most companies think of social media as a more tactical vs. strategic initiative.  When they hire a firm, they are hiring that firm to build a list of followers and then distribute content to those followers.  We don’t do this.
  • Most small- to medium-sized businesses aren’t going to be able to cost justify a social media firm that has true PR strategy expertise.  This means the firm they hire is going to have trouble creating effective original content for distribution.  When this becomes clear is when they will be most interested in working with us.
  • Social Media firms as well as traditional Public Relations or Marketing Firms tend to focus on the image of the Business.  We don’t do this.  Instead, we focus on the personal character traits of the owner or other person providing the service/product.  This means that our strategies don’t conflict with the strategies created by their other vendors.
  • Most importantly, for our videos to be effective, we want our clients to already have a social media company and a website vendor in place.  If they don’t already have these vendors, they won’t know what to do with our videos to get the most use out of them.  When they do have these vendors in place, they GET how important it is to have content to share.  And they also get how cost effective our content is, given it includes a high level of strategy designed specifically for websites and social media.