Understanding Your Fashion Personality


At Henry A. Davidsen, there is no “house style.” Instead, each style is created — especially for you — after learning who you are and what’s most appropriate for you and your personal and professional relationships.

Respect for Tradition and History


In this video, Brian talks about the history of custom tailoring, and the importance of retaining the art and skill of it’s tradition. When you walk into into the Henry A. Davidsen studio, it feels reminiscent of a time when craftsmenship quality and service were valued over mass production.

Value. Value. Value!


Are you an ideal client to work with Henry A. Davidsen? Watch this video to learn how they compare — with quality, service and price — to your other options.

Jumping Out of Airplanes


Here, Brian shares a story about a daring near-death experience. And his belief in always being prepared to effectively succeed, no matter what challenges arise.

Tips for How to Dress for an Interview


In this video, Brian Lipstein talks about what is — and is not — important when dressing for success.

It’s All in the Details


In this video, Brian shares a personal secret about why he became so meticulous. What that means for you, is that your garments will be perfect. Down to the eighth of an inch.

The Ultimate Men’s Experience


The #1 thing new clients say about Henry A. Davidsen is that they couldn’t have expected such an experience — because it doesn’t exist anywhere else. The depth of knowledge, level of service, the private fitting studio and now the barber shop — is what keeps clients coming back time and again. Just remember, what […]

The War of Style vs. Fashion


People always ask “what’s in style,” really meaning to ask, “what’s in fashion?” Go with what fits your body and your personality to have a timeless wardrobe. In this video, Brian Lipstein talks about how and why his business model is unique and powerful.

You Deserve Extra Attention, The Henry A. Davidsen Way….


As image consultants, Brian and his team at Henry A. Davidsen go deeper than the outer shell of the clothing. They help you achieve your aspirations and goals with a 360 degree look at your best self.

The True Secret to Losing Weight…


It’s important to understand the whole person when you’re building their image. Brian talks about setting goals, accomplishing those goals, and the role a custom suit can play in that.

Making a Suit for “My First Cover Model”


Brian shares a funny story about the suit he made for a magazine cover appearance of a famous celebrity. It was the most unusual fit and a challenging timeline.

Dress for Success and Increased Earnings. Or, The Secret to Early Retirement


In this video Brian shares a funny story about selecting his first tie with his mom. He then talks about the research that goes into image consulting — and the reviews that Henry A. Davidsen has received from clients.

How Much Does a Custom-Tailored Suit Cost?


In this video Brian talks about how much a custom-tailored suit really costs. Also, what to expect in terms of fit and service — and how Henry A. Davidsen saves you time through the process.

Who is Henry A. Davidsen?


In this video, Brian talks about how his life philosophy contributes to client satisfaction. You’ll also be surprised by some of the awards they’ve received.

Mugshots Farm to Office Catering

Vendetti_Angie_2013-05-24_CATERING_07MM thumbnail

Mugshots leads the revolution in sustainable meetings and events through socially and environmentally responsible food and coffee service. Order online at MugshotsCoffeehouse.com or call 215.460.1460.

The Impact of Direct Trade in Coffee


In this video, Angie shares what direct trade is, and why it’s a big deal. Working with Counter Culture, Mugshots has made a positive impact on the lives of the people who farm their coffee.

Why You Want to Talk to Bill Borton


In this video, Bill shares an overview of his business philosophy and how he is able to so effectively put his clients’ needs first — to help them identify and manage the extended health care and longevity risks they face in retirement.