Announcing Complete Care Strategies


The change in our name represents the population that we have come to serve during the past 12 years.

A Plan for Living


Often times, clients and their families reach out to us because they need help creating peace and order in their lives — when life transitions demand change. Our job is to provide and implement a care plan that addresses physical, cognitive, and quality of life issues.

Innovative Client-Centered Care


Each client receives an innovative direction for care, always focused upon who they are as individuals. We understand how important it is to acknowledge who they are and what they care about. We emphasize what is important to them.

Every Need is a Special Need


By addressing the requirements of those of any age, we allow each person to live their life on their own terms. Our care strategies are specifically designed to enhance autonomy and independence.

Journey of a Lifetime


Celebrating life is our mission. We support our clients in creating their dreams and making them come true.

CARING From a Distance


When families live afar from their loved one, they can not provide the hands-on involvement which is so critical to good care and their own peace of mind. We step in and become their “eyes and ears”. Through ongoing communication and personal visitation, they know what is happening and can rest easier knowing there is […]

A Vision of Caring


Click play to hear Beverly Bernstein Joie talk about what motivated her to found a business focused on caring for the elderly and others with chronic health issues.

Creating a Legacy


Is often an opportunity for families to acknowledge the place they have in each other’s lives.

What to Expect from Care Management


Listen to Beverly and Dolores talk about what they bring to the table when meeting families where they are at a time of crisis. Service is individually tailored for each client.

Everyone in the Family is our Client


At the end of the day, our success is best understood when we see a family come together to help their loved ones. Regardless of their differences and past history — to resolve the issues that their parents face. Our goal is for families to know they have done everything possible to address their parents’ […]

Dealing with Sadness and End of Life Issues


The best focus of dealing with sadness is appreciating every day. Also, helping families to work together towards the goal of the person they love — regardless of their differences. That is a successful completion for us — if the family works together for their parent, and knowing, that together, we all did everything we […]

Staff as Family


Our goal is to support employee retention and to be coherent in how we treat both our clients and our staff. There has to be consistency between the two — within work and out in the community.

Our Distinctive Business Model


Here, Beverly and Dolores talk about their business model — to provide families with an interdisciplinary team of professionals who each provide their own expertise.

Care Managers are Problem Solvers


Care Managers have the ability to help in so many ways — more than many other professional who may help you. In this clip Dolores discusses how a Care Manager has a unique role — of specifically solving concrete problems for you and your loved one.

How Did You Become a Geriatric Care Manager


Dolores Magid shares the personal and professional background that led her to where she is today.