Staying Calm and Relaxed as an Entrepreneur

Guy shares his secret to staying calm and relaxed when you’re a busy entrepreneur. Part of his secret is having the right team in place to support your work and life.

Guy Dunn
Entrepreneur, Author, Networker Geeks On Call
Work Landsdowne PA 19050

About Me

Although I am a Geeks on Call franchise owner, I am a entrepreneur first and foremost. I have spent most of my adult life running, managing, or showing people how to run a business. My focus in my business is customer service management. I make a commitment that all of my customers have the best customer experience possible. I’m always tracking the latest trends in technology innovation — and adding the best to my portfolio of available products and services.  Recently, my company has built an entire division focused around the development of mobile apps for businesses.
I am an excellent networker. I built my business by meeting people and building my personal brand. I have put together a networking newsletter which allows me to network with over 1000 people every month. My newsletter list most of the networking events throughout my territories. If you are interested, please ask me to put you on the list.
I have recently become an author, writing two books (see links above). This has opened a new world to me and has opened many doors.

Lastly, I’m a strong advocate of using virtual assistants and have aligned with a company that will offer free test-drives to businesses via the site above.

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