All Video Interview Informercial Packages Include

Strategic Planning for Personal Branding Public Relations

  • Each client completes a self-assessment prior to the first meeting.  The assessment should take approximately 2 hours to complete, but should be completed over a few days so that there is time to think and sleep on it.
  • There are then 2, 2-hour interview meetings.  The first one is typically in-person and the second is via Skype.  This is where the “real” interviewing occurs.  We review the self-assessment and determine the main character traits that the client wants to communicate to their target audience.
  • During these meetings we determine which character trait(s) to focus on.  Each character trait equates to one “conversation.”
  • It’s typically during these meetings when the person decides if they want to do one, two, or three conversations.

Content Development / Copywriting of Interview Scripts

  • After the first two interview meetings, Laura will independently write the interview script.
  • We schedule a final 2-hour meeting to review and rehearse the script
    • Occasionally the client needs more practice time.  This is scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Personalized Video Camera Coaching

  • Camera coaching takes place throughout the process, but typically in the first meeting, we complete an exercise on camera that the client will receive and can keep for future review.

Video Production and Editing

  • The production includes 3 cameras and 2 audio tracks.
    • Unless we are doing a 2-guest shoot, in which case we have 4 cameras and 3 audio tracks.
  • Even thought the end videos are typically formatted for sharing online, we film in HD, so that they can have the option to share it in a larger format (projected on a screen, for example).
  • We pay much attention to lighting on the set.  Lighting is the secret to making someone beautiful on camera.  We want clients be happily surprised when they see how good they look in the finished videos!

Listing in the Talk Show Connections Online Business Directory

  • Each package includes a listing in the online business directory
    •  Clients are listed are by name, profession and company name
  • For the first year following the client’s shoot, the client will select one favorite video per conversation to be featured on the front page of the business directory.  Their video will be rotated through on the front page with each page refresh.

Dedicated page on

  • Each client is provided with their own dedicated page on the Talk Show Connections website.  This page includes all their approved video content.
  • The page follows the format:
  • Note that each client also receives a dedicated drafts page that is password protected so they have the opportunity to review the videos on the site before they go live.

Content Distribution to Talk Show Connections Social Media Followers

  • Of course we’re going to be sharing client videos with our followers, once we officially launch.
  • Member Access to the Talk Show Connections Social Community
    • We also are planning to create some type of “community” of show guests to bring people together and expand our guests’ business network.