All Video Interview Informercial Packages Include

Strategic Planning for Personal Branding Public Relations Each client completes a self-assessment prior to the first meeting.  The assessment should take approximately 2 hours to complete, but should be completed over a few days so that there is time to think and sleep on it. There are then 2, 2-hour interview meetings.  The first one […]

Standard Prep and Production Timeframes

  When (Approximate) What 3 weeks prior to the shoot Client completes the prep assignments 2 weeks prior to the shoot Client is scheduled for 2, 2-hour interview meetings 1 week prior to the shoot Client is scheduled for a 2-hour script review Week of the shoot A second rehearsal meeting may be scheduled on […]

Amounts and Payments

Amounts Sales are based on a per-conversation (or character trait) basis.  The client can split filming these conversations across multiple shoots or do them all at once. Amount for one guest on set* Number of Character Trait Conversations Recorded Footage** Approximate minutes of completed video Approximate number of completed clips*** $3000 1 30 minutes 9 […]

We’re Less Able to Help Businesses that Sell “low-net margin” Items to Repeat Customers

These “low-net margin” businesses include retail stores, restaurants, day skiing resorts, etc.  Because… Repeat customers already have an opinion of the “feel” of the vendor.  They have shopped or visited there previously.  The business owners know they can directly influence customers via an existing relationship. These customers can be easily convinced to return based on […]

We’re Complimentary vs. Competitive with Social Media Firms

Because… Most companies think of social media as a more tactical vs. strategic initiative.  When they hire a firm, they are hiring that firm to build a list of followers and then distribute content to those followers.  We don’t do this. Most small- to medium-sized businesses aren’t going to be able to cost justify a […]